The Portal June 2018 - Page 17

THE P RTAL June 2018 Page 17 News from the Ordinariate Visit By Portuguese Ambassador T he Church of Our Lady of The Assumption and St Gregory in Warwick Street, London, will be welcoming the Portuguese Ambassador, H.E. Manuel Lobo Antunes, to Warwick Street church on the 3rd June for the Solemn Mass which has become rather a fixture in our calendar.  As in the past, the Mass will mark the opening of a week of festivities that occur either side of Portugal’s National Day on 10th June.   The chapel and embassy site in London were subsequently leased on to the Bavarian Ambassador but were, sadly, extensively damaged during the Gordon riots of 1780.  The church was rebuilt and reordered at various stages and, in 1850, became part of the newly established Diocese of Westminster.  In 2013, the Warwick Street church and plant were given into the care of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham as well as continuing to serve as a Parish of the Diocese. They would be delighted if many others could join them on the occasion along with representatives of Portuguese associations and enterprises, Portuguese The Anglo Portuguese Ensemble will be performing nationals residing in the UK and UK citizens with an at Warwick Street on Saturday 9th June to mark interest in Portugal. Portugal Day on the 10th.  They cannot emphasise enough the historical links between Portugal and Warwick Street, in that the presbytery and church are on the site of what was the Portuguese Embassy and Chapel until 1747, when the then Ambassador, the Marques de Pombal, concluded his tour of duty.  They would be grateful if you could advise whether you will be attending the Mass as we will be offering refreshments afterwards, this year, courtesy of the Anglo Portuguese Society. Please contact Diana Morphew - or write to her at 24 Golden Square, London W1F9JR York Ordinariate Mission O n the 12th of May 2018 the York Ordinariate were pleased to receive a visitation from Monsignor Keith Newton at our church, St Mary’s, Bishophill Junior, where we enjoyed a splendid Pontifical High Mass at which our Ordinary celebrated and preached. We enjoyed a most convivial meal after and everyone agreed it was a most uplifting experience. Fr David Skeoch S Photo: Simon Crouch t Philip Neri was particularly concerned the west door of the Slipper Chapel to the little garden with the education of the young, and was meticulous about the celebration of the liturgy. The Oratorians continue these concerns today. So it was particularly apt that on 26th May, the feast of St Philip Neri, a small group of friends of the late Fr David Skeoch gathered in the Slipper Chapel at Walsingham. Fr Russell Frost celebrated Mass and The Right Revd Christopher Chessun, Anglican ͡Mѡ݅ɬ)ٔѡɕ̸ѕȁ5́ѡɽɽ͕Ё) Ёɵ́1 )ѡAͽ=ɑɥє)ͥаݡɔͥɕ䰁ȁ٥é͡)ݕɔѕɕQɽ՝Ё́]ͥ݅́)͔Ѽ́и!́ѥѥٔɕ͕́Ѽ)͕ѽɅ́Aɥ̸)!=ɑɥєɥЁāѥՕ)́хЁݥѠ=ȁ1䁽]ͥ9܁)Ёɕѥ͔́́Ѽѡ9ѥMɥ)=ȁ1䁅́ͥ)5䁡ɕЁ)M) ՙ))ͽЁ ɝMѥ))مɽ=ɑɥє1 1ϊd)مɽ)]ɱ)Ȁ1ݸ1!!ѕ!@̀!0)=ɑɥєɽȁIɽ́]䰁1MĀQ) Ԁ@@Օ́光Ѽ=ɑɥє=1\ѡ) Ё ՙ ȀȤ)͔ɕȁѼՑȁɕ́=ɑɥє)͔ՑMՕ́光Ѽ=ɑɥє