The Portal June 2018 - Page 12

THE P RTAL June 2018 Page 12 Cambridge Ordinariate Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane visit Cambridge I t is true to say that the Ordinariate Mission in Cambridge has had its problems. It has never been large. That is not to say it is pointless, far from it, to have a presence in such an important centre of learning.  Ordinariate member Keir Martland told T he P ortal , ”Our Ordinariate Group in Cambridge is relatively small. Since The Revd Professor Allen Brent’s year as Acting Dean of St Edmund’s College, during which time the College had a well-attended weekly Evensong and Benediction with supper afterwards, not all that much has happened. But since the reception of Michael Miller – a theology postgraduate at Jesus College – and myself – a history undergraduate at Selwyn discerning a vocation to the Ordinariate priesthood – the Cambridge Ordinariate Mission has slowly but surely been revived. It is thanks to the enthusiasm of Fr Allen as Group Pastor and the support of Mgr Mark Langham at Fisher House, the University Catholic Chaplaincy, that Michael and I could do anything at all.   “Michael and I began in February 2017 by attempting to meet on a regular basis to use the Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham for Matins. This was not a tremendous success, but a first step had been made. A rather more successful enterprise was Michael’s Caroline Divines Reading Group. Organ Scholar at Homerton College, gave us Merbecke, some hymns, and some H. H. Parry. A representative from ACNUK gave the after dinner speech and we raised £450.”  This led to an invitation to Mgr Keith Newton to celebrate Pontifical High Mass on the 5-6 th May. It was also decided to use the Customary in the Chapel for Noonday Prayer. Now, at noon on most days in the week, a few students come down into the Chapel, and sing the Angelus or the Regina Caeli, followed by the Mid-Day Office.  The mass with our Ordinary took place and was well received and celebrated. While Keir and his colleagues were getting on with this important work, other Ordinariate members in the Cambridge area were ploughing a lone furrow.  We first met Alan and Franziska Norman on the Ordinariate Pilgrimage to Lisieux. They invited us to visit them at their home just outside the University City. Fran 62FfR&W&ƖW"27&FPvƖ6vw&WrW7F&Ɩw6&RB7W'&WFWvW&RV&W'2bFR&F&FRw&W6VG&F'WBFV"7F'&Vv2&W&Ɩ( 6RvVV֖6Vח6Vbg"&g"VBvB&V6VFǒ&VV6f&VBBVǒ6FVG&vBFgVbFW'2vVB6BFvFRw&VBv2v&rFW&RBvVB6WRbFW2F7@6&W"Bf6W"W6RvF&GFRbvRBvV&v^( 2vƖ66W&6*FWBg&V&ǒ6WfVFVVF6VGW'vvƖ6FfRf"&WBGvW'2FW6RF67W762'&Vv@RFBW2( ĒfVBBv2&BVg&VFǒ'WBFV6FV@V&W"bW266W"FV6FW"B66W"FFvfRBR&R66RgFW"גF&Bf6Bw&WgFVVvV7FVB&VbFRvƖ6G&FRv2vrFFƖ&W7FW&B7GVǒ'V'F67W7626FVVBf"FW"6WRbFW&2 *6F26&7F2g&VwB6VBb6VBvrBv2fFVBGvF6"ffW&VBP( vFFRWrV"6RFW"7FWFv&G2ƖgBB6BFR&66VBvFFW"GvP&F&FR&W6V6RW"fRVfW'6GFvW"6GFVBBBFW"6B6FRV6FW"vRFF( @f'7BgVG&6W"v2F&Rf"F6RW'6V7WFVBFRFƲV62FW"wWFƶVB6V6vR6VF( B( *ǒBf"RF2v2ƗGW&v6'GVGFvBF֗72fV''V'F2V"g"VFRGv2b6W'6Rg&禗66RfVB6VV'&FVBFR7Vr72B7BVFVN( 26VvR( 7G&vVǒGG&7Ff^( FW"Bv2V6VBFB6P6V&Vf&RW"f'7BgVG&6W"FW"( 2F266Rv2VFr&&R7GVGvVBB7FVBf"BFFR6W&6VVB( 2g&FfRv'6gFW'v&G2Bv2FR7BFVfRFw2FWfVV@W"fW'FVFVBg&VB6&7FW"&7w6BFW'&VBFWWB6WFV&W"vW&P