The Portal July 2018 - Page 5

ragon THE P RTAL July 2018 Page 5 Of bile and comfort let us sing Snapdragon muses on recent events M using as one does in the heady evenings of an English summer with bat and bird in full flight and the scent of flower pushing over the top of an overloaded glass of Pimms I fell to thinking, as one so often does as the evenings begin to draw in, about the joys of what until recently many of us would have thought of as unusual behaviour. The late, and generally unlamented, Dr Harold Shipman could see little point in prolonging the lives of those whom he thought of as dull, uninspiring and unfashionable and being a man of settled opinion and habit killed many of them. The much reviled Jimmy Saville went in for sex with the young and or vulnerable on an industrial scale while pretending to do good works, while the antics of assorted Irish and English orders in running laundries, schools, orphanages and parishes showed a self centred cruelty that many of us thought was a little off and reflected rather badly on the religious communities involved. of the entire bench of bishops that was not fit to be a diocesan bishop because of this. Archbishop Wilson is the man who deliberately did not tell the authorities about the child molesting activities of his former parish priest when the latter was being prosecuted, in clear dereliction of his duties, and who then lied about it to the court trying him. To gasps of horror throughout the Catholic world two Australian jurisdictions and the Anglican Diocese of Canterbury (the one in England not New Zealand) have responded to the complete untrustworthiness of monks, priests and bishops by requiring any cleric hearing confessions to report any suspici 2b6@VƖrBVf'FfRB6RWBbF2W7FrFFRƖ6RFR67FGbFR6fW76&VfV7FrFRfRbFV"W""FR'VRbFV"'&VgFW""V'2rFV"&VFW"W7BfƖ6fVFW"FR&6fRBVFW72gVG&vvrb&6fW"FR&WfW26WRb&w&2@G'WF2WBbF6W7B'W6W76VBƗF62vFW"rV'FF26VBfR6RF72খVV'gFW"VV'vRFR'&F6fR@FRGv6&F2&R67W6VBb6WV'W6S6fW&VBFV6VfW2vFV6v'VV&p&WBVFW"&"V7FW"W7G&ƖFR66RFRGv&62bvrb6WV'W6R@b&WV6fR&VfW"V6VB'FR&bFV6ƖrFFFr&WBBr7G&vP6֗7626ǒ'&VFFrBRvFW'2FB66WGv6R2V6W&vVBF&R0&Vf&RFV6&vFVW6W72f2FR'&V7G2bW"WW&VF276&RGFW'26WVFR6W&6W&6&VFW'2vFRƖ6RW&6&VfW"26֖r7&6rFv6Vb6Fג6V&ǐFV"F&vWG2F&R&6BFVBFR'&F6VV'FB2BFB2VrW&SFR&FV7F`F7FGWFƗ6VB6B'W6R2'V&ƖrBFR&WWFFbFR6W&6FRFW6&RFVg&VG2BFR&ƗGbFR&W6VFǒvW&gVFGf6PFR6W&6bVvBv6RWBbB&Fǒ^( 26&VW"&R6&F46'&6VF#b&6&6`v6wF&6&'&2VFF2F&6vB6f'B2FW&RbF2V"R6b6&6S6&FV6&&F6֖vBfW'BG&v7VvvW7BFBvRfRfǐg&FRfF6&波B&6&6v6'&fVBBFR66VRbFRw&VFW7Bb6"7&6W2VFF2F7FfR&6&6bFVFRFrvFWfW"RvBvVWfW"RvBF&RFRWw2f"FRw&r&V626&F2FB2FRVGW&r6bFRFWfFR6W&60VB46'&6&R67W6VBb6W&W26WV&Vr&VB'B'FRfR&VfW"bF6R6W@֗66GV7BB&RF7FBG&FRGFW"frWF&GFRfFgVVBvBFR6W&60V&W"b6fFVF6WGFVVG2F2F67&VFB&Vr6f&VBFFRvRbFRv&BFRfW6f"6WV֗66GV7BvR&6bGvF6W6W2BFRFWfBr7BvR6fǒ6VRFB&v@&6&'&22FRvWrbFRfR'W6R2&vBBw&r2w&rBFBF6RbW2vW'WG&FVB'2VF"Bvv2FVBvBF&R6&7F2&RWf"&vBr7&72FP&6b&'&2'FRǒfFW"FW7FRFRV2FWfW7B&R2S