The Portal July 2018 - Page 15

THE P RTAL July 2018 Page 15 Eastbourne St Agnes , 6 Whitley Road, LONDON, WALTHAMSTOW Christ the Eastbourne BN22 8NJ Mass: Sunday: 4pm King , 455 Chingford Road, Chingford, E4 8SP Mass: Contact: Fr Neil Chatfield: 07718 123304 - neil. Sunday: 11am Contact: Fr David Wall \  L˜]Y[X\\[ܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z LNH H[[\˜]ܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z‘TӑH\YH[و\X[PRQӑH\[و\YH  KZ[[Y] \ۙK[  QQX\Έ\Z[Y ]\[؝\KXZYۙK[[^NK[H[ LX[K][ۙ[[YX[ۈQLN PX\Έ[^H LX[H][Hܜ\ NY\ΈX\۝X\[[ L ۝XY[[ێ NL ̍L BL H٘KBXZYۙPܙ[\X]KܙZ’TH\وH\[\[ۈ X[\\X\\]X\H ][\HܙY[\\^LM HX\ΈX\\]8&\Y ][ۋM  HX\΂[^N L[K][ۙ[[YX[ۈ H[^N L [K [^HوH[۝\B۝Xܘ[ L ̌NH H\X\]HX\K HY ܙ[\X]Kܙ˝ZYK\\HM R [^HوB[۝ H۝X[]\YN MBSQSSTPQX\&\ X\ H MLH HX[\\ܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z H˂[K[Y[[\XY H X\Έ[^Nܙ[\X][X܋B X[KY ˍ \H۝X[[ۈ[\N MH L  H[Y[ [\XYܙ[\X]Kܙ˝ZԑH X[ۈ ܙ BX\Έ] و[^JH \H ][Hܜ\ KTHшQ]Y8&\ ۛ]YY [^H LKM\KYX[KH ˌH ][BX\\̈ PTΈ]\H]\^N \Hܜ\ KHYܘ][ۈ ۙ\[ۜK BY[ H[X\x&\ YY] YH HK\[H [YX[ۋH LH ][K]X[BPTΈ ܙ[^Hو[۝ \H H[X\\[[۝X[Y[Y N H H[Y[ [ܙ[\X]H]\KӕPۘ][Yܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z܈Y܈[]\[NY\\\Έ NN L̍ Hۘ][ LH L  H[]˘\[Pܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z˜[\] BH˝[Y\\\˛ܙ˝Z“^]ۜۙK[XYԕSUY]H \Y\\X X[^H ^Z[ [ܙQH PTΈ[^N L[Hܝ[]H PTΈ[^H LX[H [[K[[X\K Lۈ \[و[۝[[X\][Hܜ\ H H ^][ۊK \BX\NZ[H ^\[ۊH[H ^][ۊBX[H X\NH^\X[H X\KH [[X\Nۙ\[ۜΈ] L[H܈H\[Y[ ӕP؈YN  ML M  H^Z[[\[٘[ ܙ“[ۋH \]ZY[JH[] LX[K۝X[Y]\\ ˝Z H˜Y]\\ ˝Z”PQS[Y\ X^HZ[ܘ\HY XY[\\HH  ^XY[[ BX\Έ[^NKMX[K۝X]Y[[ M M  HXY[ܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z“ӑӋ[[ܙ[\X]HSTЕTH[HYY[Y\ ܝ\B\\YHوH\[\[ۈ[ܙ\[ \ۋ[\؝\K[\H H Q‘ܙYܞH \XY] ۙۈP S X\\X\Έ[^N LX[K H][ۙ[[YX[ۂXNXY[JHX\Έ[^N L [H[[X\]\ ][Hܜ\ KYZ^\Έ[B[ L \H ݝ\ܙ[[\ KX\[[[]Y\\Y\\Y ۝XX\‘[[ TZ] MH ̌ ͌H HX\[[Z]˛ܙ˝Z“ӑӋ] [^JKY H [][8&\^]\Y] [\؝\H H ъH۝XZ]ؚ[ێ M̌ L  ܈ ̌ L͍ HZ]PXZ˂˝Z܈[\؝\Pܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z”][]\&\X\  NHX\Yܝ ZYۈXHH X\Έ[^N[X[\  L MX[H [ZY[H[ JK[ۋT] ^\&SYX\HY] ۙۈLH UHX\Έ[^N B] K [K LX[N[ۋQH K \K\ N‘][ۙΈ\ Nۙ\[ۜΈ[ۋQH LK] KH۝X\\X\ۈ  MLH H˜X[\؛ ܙ˝Z•Y\HN[HYH\Kܙ[\X]H\BY\ ΌKۙ\[ۜ] L[H۝XY^HY M LĽ MM L BH]\YXZ[ K؈]N LM LL H[ܚ[XXZ]KKXXۈX\۝[YYۈH^YH0