The Portal February 2018 - Page 8

THE P RTAL February 2018 Page 8 Scotland is now an Ordinariate priest. We joined the or knocks on the door. Or whether it is that those Navy on the same day but hadn’t seen each other since who have decided to become catholic have already 1994. become catholic, or if people will just find some way of circumnavigating the problem.” “As to this job, I’ve already seen from the few trustees’ meetings I have There is, of course, another side to Fr attended, that they will always try and Paul’s job; fund raising. He said, “We give as much as they can. The support are rather different to how the ACS that we give is intended to help people worked, because we do ask for money. get back onto their feet rather than I think we are realistic about where be a crutch for life. Having said that, that money needs to come from. there are individuals who are never When I was an Anglican clergyman, going to find employment again. For second collections were not common. them, we are going to have to be a It was very rare that somebody would crutch for life.” come to a parish and actually make an appeal. In the Roman Catholic We made the point that the St Church second collections seem to Barnabas Society does not support happen almost every other week! You only Anglicans who become Roman Catholics. are very conscious of the fact that often people are just putting the spare change in their pocket into the plate. Fr Paul took up the story, “There is absolutely no So we are realis