The Portal February 2018 - Page 22

THE P RTAL The venue is confirmed. The dates are set. The speakers booked. All is ready. Now we need each and every Ordinariate Group to select one or two people to be their delegates to the First Ordinariate Lay Conference. It is vital that each group is represented, so we recommend it is the Group that pays for their delegates, unless – of course – the individual delegate wished to pay for themselves in whole or in part. Those who are not part of any Group are more than welcome and special places are reserved for them. February 2018 The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham First Lay Conference at Worth Abbey, Paddockhurst Road, Crawley RH10 4SB Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th August 2018 For further information contact 0121 241 8730 While at the Conference, we shall join for the Daily Offices and Daily Mass. Mgr Robert Mercer has agreed to be the Chaplain to the Conference. Mgr Statues of Our Lady of Walsingham Page 22 Keith Newton and Fr Simon Chinery will be present, and our Deans will be in the hot seat for your questions. Otherwise, it will be the laity! Being Ordinariate, it is not just about sitting and listening. There will be plenty of opportunity for the delegates to participate in the Conference, and we hope that each delegate will return home full of hope for the future, and eager to share what they have learned with those around them and with other members of their Mission or Group, if that’s the case. What now? Each Group and all individuals should be receiving information about the Ordinariate Lay Conference this month, together with a Booking Form. Make sure your Group does receive this information, that it decides who will be their delegate(s) and that the Booking Form is completed and returned with the cost of the Conference as soon as possible. Spaces are (of course) limited, so make sure your Group does not miss out. If you need more information, just contact one of the Ordinariate Lay Conference Committee members, or telephone T he P ortal . We shall be happy to help. made from Linden wood and been beautiful carved and painted by artisans in northern Italy Height 16.5’’ - Width 9’’ - Depth 6.5’’ Coloured statue: £2000 - Natural is £1850 10% when you mention this advert in The Portal Postage: £25.00 Available from the Slipper Chapel Shop, Houghton St Giles, Walsingham, Norfolk, NR22 6AL Phone: L̎ MM[XZ[+[[[Kܙ˝Z“ۛ[H+˜ [[[Kܙ˝Z‘ܛ\وܙ܈XZ[H\]Y\[]\وH\ۘ[ܙ[\X]Bو\YHو[[[H[[\[HUHHܙ[\X]Hو\YBو[[[K []X\KۙۂQRH[Hو[ 0ŠH[HTP]HXZ\وHX\\\܈\\ٙX\وH\ۘ[ܙ[\X]Hو\YHو[[[H[H[YXY[\\H^H^X]܋܂HUHH\YYHو^H\]HBܙ[\X]Bق\YBق[[[K []X\KۙۈQR[HTP]HXZ\وHX\\\܈\\ٙX\وH\ۘ[ܙ[\X]Bو\YHو[[[H[H[YXY[\\H^H^X]܋