The Portal February 2018 - Page 19

THE P RTAL February 2018 early thought of Newman, Keble, Froude and Pusey, puts the issue facing them in this way: ‘The old High Church tradition had reflected the complexities of English history, not least in its acceptance of a middle way, being both Catholic and reformed.’ And he continues: ‘The Oxford Movement upset that notion of compromise by defining Protestantism as one extreme, and so brought a more intense kind of conflict into the Anglican world.’ Symptomatic of this new version of the Lord’s song was the fact that ‘Anglicanism’ was replaced by ‘Anglo-Catholicism’ in the second published edition of Newman’s Lectures on the Prophetical Office of the Church. The late Geoffrey Rowell, in a fascinating account of the ecclesiology of the Tractarian fathers, discusses Newman’s work. Although he mentions Newman’s reflections on Anglicanism / Anglo- Catholicism (it ‘has never had any existence except on paper… It remains to be tried whether what is called Anglo-Catholicism… is capable of being professed… or whether it be a mere modification or transition- state either of Romanism or popular Protestantism’) he does not pursue the conclusion Newman drew and acted on in 1845 when he entered the Catholic Church. For Rowell, Newman remains an Anglican. Rather bizarrely he presents Newman’s 1882 preface to William Palmer’s CC2bRw&VVBvFW.( 2( '&6FV'( 7FVBvƖvV&vPv&B2&W6VFVB2G&7F&6( 2ǒ&6FƖ2V66W6v7BBR2WFf v&N( 2F76VB&VG( 6r7F&67Fv&BBffV7Ff"FR6W&6bVvB26W7FGWF6VB'7F&6f676GVFW>( BVvW2FB2&6FƖ66v2GVRF0( fRbv2BW&RFVF7>( ऒ6VF( BVvFW&rFBbBv2v&N( 2fR`v2FBFR&6FƖ2FRFR&6( 0fRb7F'֖vBfRB6WFrFFvF&VrvƖ6&vV( 2W7666VFW0vFFR6FBFRG&V7F'bG&7F&6v0vg&V66W6w( FRG&7F&>( R&wVW2( 7&V6vǒfWvVBFR6W&62&RFFPWF&FFfRFV6W"b6frG'WF2FpG27&GVFWVFV6Rg&FR7FFRF&VvFR7FƖ27V66W76( &vVFW2BvfR琧&VfW&V6W2F7W'BF27FFVVB6B2Fff7VBFVFvRB7F&6ǒ'WBFr27VRg&Wv( 0Fff7VFW2bvƖ62Sg"W2W&V&F@FRf&BfVVBFRS&Vw2FFffW"PG2WBFBFR&W6vF26W6VB'FRv&ФVFvVVBS6w2FR6FVr6vf66PbV66W6wFFRG&7F&֖BW2"आR6VV2FfR&VV7G'VVFW'7VFprFBR6VBB&VFR6W&6`vRVvB( bRfRBFW'F&VBW&7F6FR6W&6bVvB66RFR&Vf&Fw&FPR( FVfV"RBfRV6FF67W72&Vf&PvR6VWB6w&VB( W&V&7V667Fǐ7V&6W2^( 2BWv( 2&wVVB0fw3( &V6VBWfVG2BB6vVBFR6FbFR6W&6bVvCFWBW&Vǒ&WfVVBB( *Bb6W'6RFW7FFFR7BW76F0W6VVB6V7F2'G"6ƖF&RR&VfW'0FvƖ62v( FffW"g&6FV&'66WGGFW'266W&rvVFW"FffW&V6^( BF&vvƖ>( 7VV6FvVW&7B6VFpFVf"( &VFV6RFFR66V7W2bFR6W&66FƖ>( *'WB2F2fVRFV7G&FW2( FR6W&66FƖ>( v2v2FRWFrW&R26W&FvWv( Wv6vVFvVBFB&6FƖ66B&FW7FF6vW&R( &V&VƖv>( vR2vfVFv2W"FV'W7FpǒFRw&Fw2bV&VBFVv2( 7V62R2FVFVBFFBF6RbFRF7FwV6V@7FW"bvFVR6VvR6'&FvR( r6vR6rFR&N( 26r7G&vRC( ǒ'VVFrFR&WBW&V֖( 6RWBbW"אV^( FRf&BF&bFRf&BfVV@VFFVB'7FWv'B'&vWFW""6W0BW2W&V&UFRW'6&F&FRbW"Gbv6vХDR$DU"b50BfRr'6BR7666&F6RvFFR""FP&F&FR726&G0vFFR&FW"b70g&ФBfRr'6BR76&Rrf&P&6W26VFrTFVƗfW'&S*3f"6vR6*32Sf" *3Bf"S*3#bf" *3Cf"#fW'6V2VV&W3V726&G4&F&FR&rVf"7FvR67G0F&FW"V6R6VBW"RBFG&W72vFW 6WVRFR&RF&F&FRrF726&G2&F&FRr#BvFV7V&RFsb