The Portal December 2017 - Page 8

THE P RTAL December 2017 Page 8 members of the community”. It also builds on the life is just another choice, the anti-slavery movement’s remarks of peers, in the 1967 House of Lords debate, patient and dedicated reformers and abolitionists can who described children with disabilities as “Mongols”, teach and inspire us. “spastics”, “monstrosities”, “abnormal”, “subnormal”, “retarded” and “defective”. It took decades to shift opinion, and for Parliament to accept that it wasn’t simply a “choice” to own This culture refuses to break the financial link another human being as a slave. Martin Luther King’s between the abortion industry and independent niece, Dr Alveda King, who had two abortions that counselling, and to provide help for women caught she now bitterly regrets, tells us that in our generation in crisis. It prefers to bribe Northern Irish woman “the right to life is the greatest human rights cause of with offers of £1,400 for our times”. every baby they abort in England rather than give Opinion polls them equivalent funding repeatedly show that or help to save the child the public want the law or to promote adoption. made more restrictive – and not decriminalised. It extends its tentacles Hundreds of MPs – not 29 into other societies – now want the Abortion by denying charities – Act reformed and many like Samaritan’s Purse are pro-life. They simply – funding for their need to be more PC: humanitarian work politically courageous. in West Africa unless they agree to undertake Yes, I wish that more abortions, and by people believed in the funding programmes transcendent nature of like the brutal one-child the sanctity of human life, policy of forced abortions in China. but I admit that this is dependent on a belief in God. However, the good news for the unborn is that science This culture ignores the inconvenient findings has caught up with faith and is the game-changer. of scientists like Professor KJS Anand, one of the world’s leading experts on foetal pain, that in the In an editorial, Nature magazine spelt it out clearly: light of “incontrovertible” evidence “it seems prudent “Your world was shaped in the first 24 hours after to avoid pain during gestation”. It refuses to look conception. Where your head and feet would sprout, at the accumulating evidence of the physical and and which side would form your back and which your psychological effects of abortion on women. belly, were being defined in the minutes and hours after sperm and egg united.” And every time the scan It creates its own untruthful narrative, illustrated allows us to gaze through a window into the womb we by the recent remarks of the president of the Royal know that this is no bunion but a new member of the College of Gynaecologists that abortion is just like human race. having a bunion removed. When George Orwell wrote in 1984 that “The party told you to reject the evidence Prove to me that life does not begin at conception of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential and I will change my mind about protecting that new command,” he had people like her in mind. life. Until then, I will continue to insist on Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – that This, then, is where the 1967 Abortion Act has