The Portal December 2017 - Page 4

THE P RTAL December 2017 A plea from Joanna Bogle O ne of Celebrate the Seasons! Page 4 the most important things that the Ordinariate must do is to celebrate the Church’s glorious round of feasts and seasons – and celebrate in a way that will evangelise. When Pope Benedict XVI spoke of the “Anglican patrimony” he gave voice to something that is deeply embedded in Britain’s self-understanding. People, including of course a great many non-churchgoers, feel comfortable with things they associate with the annual cycle of the Church’s calendar, celebrated and cherished over the past couple of centuries by the Anglican Church.  I say “the past couple of centuries” because a good many things that we now regard as typically Anglican were part of the great revival in the 19th century – Harvest Thanksgiving, midnight Christmas services, celebrations of patronal feasts in parish churches. The CofE of Jane Austen’s day would not have seen  Jane and Elizabeth Bennett  celebrating the feast-day of the parish church in Meryton, or gathering the local children in a robed choir  to sing “We plough the fields and scatter” at Michaelmas. The revival of a sense of the Church’s  authentic traditions in England in the Victorian era was a great achievement: and the Ordinariate is a chil BbFBFWfVVBw&FW0FRWG&&F'f&*&FW"FRvR&F&FP&V7Bv26VG&VBVFW'7FFrFBvƖ60vV&VBf"G'WFBVGB&V6v6VBF@FW6RvW&RǒF&RfVBgV6VvFFR6FƖ26W&66VBfVVBRFW&R&V6W6PFW6VBfRFV"v7GRbƗGW&w( 2VvƗ6vF'F7V"VvƗ6( fVV( vFW62B06W&6VB'vVW&F2bvƖ62FR&WffbFW&W7BWFVF2G&FF2FPF6VGW'v27G'VVF( &R6&7F6~( Ч6RG&FF2FBB&V6RFWF6VBg&FP6W&6FW2'fW7BF6vfrVvBF2F&P2F( 2"'Bl*&R&Vf&F*ƖfPFRF6VGW'fVVB6ƖrFRvƖ6( 2'FRF6VGW'BVFW"&VV&FVB 6V&6F6V6Rb6FVGvFB&VƖvW2f7W2vFWfW"Bv2W7BVf FR6VGW&W2b6&7FGVvB*G&Wrf&v&W'3FRf7F&6dR&Wff6vVBFB&VWvVBFW&W7B6'G2bfƲG&FF2BW63FR7F'bFR6FƖ26W&6'&F2FRf7F&2&W6V&6VBBw&FRF2B6V&6VB6'G2b7W7F2f"6&7F2G&VR&VBWvFV'2bW'6V7WFBFV&Wff6F6W26FVƗB6&2BV7FW"66FR&6f֖R֖w&FB&R*FR#F6VGW'6FƖ66'&FBgFVW&&Vvw2WF2FBvRrFRf"w&FVBfVVFBBG&FF2ƖVBFB'W&v0F2W&FvR26WFrFv6FR&F&FR6VVVB&v&Vr&W6VBvF7BG&6( 2FW7Bw&VBGFVFfvR6VBf"F6R"6VV'&Ff"W"GbW&FW2* *'W@v&W27BvV&v^( 2FFW"7VF66FRVFW'7FFrbFRv&W2bFR6VF"v06G&VVFr7G&VWB&6W76&662WfW"f&vGFVBrFR&F&FR6P7VV&Ɩ2v&FV( 2FW6R&R&F&FRG2v6G&'WFFFR֗( fBFr666VV'&F2bf&W2fV7G2vƖ6g&VG2vVvFFR&R6&7F6rbV"7VGW&R6VRV"&WB"GFVB&F&FRWfVG2VVBFBvRR&RFrBV6RVWRFPfVVFBW&RFW&RBR( 26VV'&FrG&FFv2&W6V&6r( 2ג( &b6V60Fw2G&FFvB6VV'&F>( *rG2WFVFFB6VFrF67W76rFV2f"&F&FRw&W2BR'FB766FVB&WG2Eb&w&W2B60&V6VFǒ7VvvW7Fv2FRFBFRƗGW&w6VBv2W&6VB'WrFW&2W"&F&FP&R( Ɔv( 22v276&^( FR&F&FRv2w&WvrF&VF66fW"Bf7FW"6R6B7&VFVBvFbGFVFrF7VVWRFRG&FFFBv'&r6&7BFFR6VG&F&FRƗGW&wF7G&F6WBFRBƖRvFBV6W2FVWFFR7VGW&S