The Portal December 2017 - Page 3

THE P RTAL December 2017 Page 3 P ortal Comment Remember those lost through abortion when you enter the stable at Bethlehem on 25 th December O n Monday, 25 th December we shall celebrate the birth of the Christ Child; a baby born in a stable to a very young mother. There were questions asked about the baby’s father. No doubt, tongues wagged.  With the 50th anniversary of the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act, T he P ortal carries some words delivered by Lord David Alton of Liverpool. The facts mentioned by Lord Alton are shocking. Nearly 9,000,000 babies killed in the womb in 50 years. In that time, an amazing £757,832,800 has been paid by taxpayers to private sector abortionists. That is £15,156,656 a year to kill 200,000 babies each and every year – the equivalent of the population of Sutton Coldfield sacrificed every twelve months.  Each of these is a precious life lost, many because their birth would have been inconvenient for the mother; others because they were less than perfect. Often these have been late abortions, the horrors of which beggar belief. Once discredited, eugenics is being made acceptable once again.  Recently, Pope Francis addressed a conference in the Vatican on the theme ‘Catechesis and persons with disabilities’. His speech was recorded in L’Osservatore Romano for 27 th October 2017.  The Holy Father said, “We recognise the great development there has been over the course of recent decades with regard to disability. Greater awareness of the dignity of each person, especially of the weakest, has led to the espousal of courageous positions for the inclusion of those who live with various forms of handicap, so that no one should feel like a stranger in his own home.  “Yet, at the cultural level, through a prevailing false understanding of life, expressions that harm the dignity of these persons still persist. An often narcissistic and utilitarian vision, unfortunately, leads not a few to consider persons with disabilities as marginal, without grasping their manifold human and spiritual richness.  Pope Francis greets a woman in a wheelchair during an audience with catechists and people with disabilities at the Vatican on October 21st. (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano) “In the common mind-set, there is still too strong an attitude of rejection of this condition, as if it prevents one from achieving happiness and self- fulfilment.   “It is demonstrated by the eugenic trend of ending the lives of the unborn who show some form of imperfection. In reality, we all know many people who, despite even serious fragility, have found, albeit with difficulty, the path of a good life, rich with meaning.  “Likewise, on the other hand, we know people who are seemingly perfect, yet they despair! After all, it is a perilous deception to think we are invulnerable. As said by a girl whom I met on my recent journey to Colombia: vulnerability is intrinsic to the essential nature of mankind.” (Original italics). Contrast these words from the Holy Father, with recent statements in the, so-called, Catholic press to the effect that abortion is not always wrong. The Editors