The Portal December 2017 - Page 13

THE P RTAL December 2017 “You know, I did the youth work here. We still have them. Ryan is working on cruise ships around the Caribbean doing the sound systems. Louise and Alan, who met through our youth group in the CofE, came over were received and Fr David married them. They do care work, so work on Sundays. Paddy and Gemma were married by Fr David, but we still see them. Alice, Josie and Rikki are Lora all at University. Rikki and Alice have long- term boyfriends who are both Catholics. Alice’s boyfriend, Christopher, is a cradle Catholic but never confirmed, so he is to be received into the Ordinariate.  Georgina is a qualified catechist. Page 13 said, “More than 50% of referrals to the Food Bank are people falling foul of flaws in the system. Everyone is monitored and we keep stringent records. Everyone has to be referred by an authorised body. “I ran a tea room in Preswick with my husband. Before that, I was in the printing industry. I am a cradle Catholic and moved to Torbay three years ago. We went to Holy Angels, and moved to here when it opened. It is a small congregation here, and that is what makes it so special. We all help each other. My husband died eighteen months ago; he had just seven months of retirement.” “We are the first Group, now parish, with a building completely dedicated to Lunch over, we spent some time with the life of The Ordinariate. We don’t want Katherine Latanski Fr David Lashbrooke, the parish priest. to be shouting and saying ‘we do this, we “Having a parish is exciting and a great do that’; but we are blessed. Having your own place is privilege. It is a message that we are here to stay in the so important. You can invite people in. I work in an service of Christ. A new presbytery is being built here Office, there are six of us. The others are not Catholics, in premises of Our Lady of Walsingham. I am aware and I don’t talk about this all the time, but when I said that the work of both priest and people here at OLW is to the lady next to me would she come and see us now to build foundations for our successors and to remain we have a building, she said she would. faithful. Stability is a vital ingredient of any Christian community and that has been our work thus far. It is Navin Patel Canalda is half Indo-Kenyan and half our privilege, as a community, to offer a daily Mass; Spanish. His mother is from Barcelona,  He has a the next step is the daily public recitation of the Daily degree in Business studies and Management. Born in Office beginning with the introduction of Evensong. Barcelona, he was educated in the UK. He left Spain when he was seven. He has run hotels and pubs, but When the presbytery is completed, this hall, now is a building constructor. where we had lunch, will become a space devoted to hospitality. It will be a non-threatening place where “My Mum went to Holy Angels and heard that the everyone will be welcome; a need we have identified Ordinariate had bought this Church. She felt she could through our Charity Shop. The Methodists left us a do some good, so she came to give them support legacy of affection, as local people remember coming and encouragement .Recently, I have had a bad time to community events here.. We have those foundations with health issues which has made on which to build. me think about my life. A colleague has taken over running the business There will be other spaces which we and  I started coming here with my will use to teach the Faith, but it will Mum. I met Fr David and those not be in the welcome space and, God who come to say their prayers. It has willing, those who come through our become an important part my life. I doors will want to see the place where have been baptised, but was confused all those who make up the community about what that meant . I am now of this mission go; the  Church itself, preparing for my confirmation and where the Blessed Sacrament resides first communion here at Our Lady of and where we say our prayers. Walsingham. Thank you to Fr David Lashbrooke Lorraine McEvoy is also involved and the lovely people of Our Lady with the Food Bank on the of Walsingham and St Cuthbert administration   side. She raises cash Mayne, Chelston, Torquay. We had for the charity. They provide 144,000 Fr David in the Church Hall a wonderful visit and were royally meals in one year on Torbay. Lorraine soon to be home . . . somehow! welcomed.