The Portal December 2017 - Page 12

THE P RTAL December 2017 Page 12 Torbay Revisited Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane revisit the Torbay Ordinariate R eaders will remember that we have visited the Ordinariate Group in Torbay before, both the church and the famous charity shop. The group was recently installed as the first Ordinariate Parish in the UK. Wonderful news for Torbay and wonderful news for the Ordinariate. Spiritually it is very holy and very good. One feels the Spirit here. We have lots of social events that are so important.” Alan joined in to endorse this. The Church of Our Lady of Walsingham and St Cuthbert Mayne was, as you will know, a Methodist church. It has been beautifully restored. On our last visit the congregation numbered about thirty. This time there were fifty people present. These included children and every adult aged group from twenties to nineties! The Rite was Divine Worship, and beautifully celebrated. A real occasion, marking Sunday as the day of the resurrection. As it was the Solemnity of Christ the King, afterwards we all made our way to the hall for some lunch. This was itself wonderful, with cottage pie, rhubarb crumble and varieties of Polish cake. Piran Kiszezuk is of Ukrainian  descent and the father of Fr Lashbrooke’s grandson, Oscar. He told us he is a Sales Rep. selling broadband to businesses. He was present because of Martha, Oscar’s mother. He found it all quite normal, and the welcome warm and friendly. Alan Cutts is a carer for the elderly in a nursing home. He is to be received into Full Communion with the Catholic church via the Ordinariate soon, he hopes by Christmas. He has completed the course and is waiting to be baptised. He told us, “I was a non-believer, but unsure about things. I was advised to pray by a friend. So I did and things became clearer. I came to the Catholic church, all because of prayer and someone prompting me. Katherine Latanski is Polish, but has lived in England for ten years. “I came, then my children followed,” she told us. “They have been educated here.” She too is a carer and loves the small community at Our Lady of Walsingham Church. “It is more of a community,” she said. “Very friendly and you are made very welcome. Piran Kiszezuk Alan Cutts Karen Lawrence Navin Patelcanalda Karen Lawrence is retired. She worked as a teacher for twenty years, then as a prison officer for eleven years. She has worked all over the country, and is a cradle Catholic. “I like it here,” she enthused. “I like the people, it is a lovely congregation, and a nice service. I live at the other side of Paignton, so have to travel here. Together with Lorraine, I volunteer with a local charity, as did my husband. It closed down, so we have set up another one! Through Lorraine, I found out about this Church. I came once, and stayed. “The charity is Paignton Community Larder Food Bank. During my life, I have met so many interesting people on both sides of the bars!” Roger Bulley is the welfare officer of the Knights of Saint Columbia in Torbay. “Alex is here too, he is the Treasurer,” he told us. “The HQ us now at this Church for the Torbay Knights. I am very pleased to be here and grateful to Fr David for giving his permission to be here. The Knights do anything for anyone. I do the grounds here, others do the repairs, or serve at the altar. We collect at Tesco’s with the Salvation Army and the Community Larder. We hope to save up for a van for the Larder. Sue Varlow is an old and dear friend of ours. She said, “Fr David is a “Go-Doer”, he makes things happen and knows how to generate the cash. We may have different ideas and expectations now from when we started. We have this building now, and maybe the Ordinariate needs four strategic places around the country where people (clergy and lay) can come to be refreshed.