The Portal December 2017 - Page 10

THE P RTAL December 2017 Page 10 Thoughts on Newman Holy Innocents The Revd Deacon Stephen Morgan is not celebrating S eptember, October and November of this year have been trying months. Anniversaries can be occasions to celebrate but they can also be times of mourning and what some celebrate others may mourn. The anniversaries that have been so enthusiastically welcomed – especially in our state-funded broadcaster – over the autumn of 2017 have been for me the cause of profound sadness. Bad enough that I am compelled – under pain of criminal sanction – to pay for an organisation whose manifest lack of sympathy for Christianity, simply so that I can watch the television output of other broadcasters. But in short order to have seasons that have breathlessly celebrated and remembered the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, the Russian Revolution and the passing of the Abortion Act on that last island of BBC sanity that had been Radio 3, has been too much. speculation to know exactly what he would have said about all three of these events. Although the sheer scale of the damage done by the utter collapse of social order and the annihilation of so many that 1917 and 1967 were to usher in were entirely outside Newman’s conception, we know only too well what he came to believe about the Protestant Reformation and his abhorrence of the fruits of the French Revolution give us sufficient indication as to his likely attitude to M \ [[[[X[ H[\\]Y[\]HY[[\[B]^[ܘ[\[ [\X]^[ۙHۘ\[ۈوH\]Hۈ][[ۈ\H\H\]ۙKX\H HB]ܚ]\H\HHY]\H][[YH]\X\Y H]YXK\[؛[X]XΈ܈HH\Y[\BH\Hۈ\\\X[]H][XZ[HY\ HXZ[][ۜHXܜY]YY[[[ۈHHو\[H][][\]]YH[ۈ[^ 0X\[\][\][ۋHXۙH]\HوHX]وؙ\Y\KH[]HY؛[H\YZ[›Z[[ۜ[HHو]\X[]][ۈ[HYHZ\[]\[[[]]XH[ Y\[\HY[[وH]\[XH]\و[H\\[]X[H[Y[HܙX]X\HZ[[ۈۈ\\[[ۙH]H\\Y X\ܝ\ ܙ]HYH܈YZ[[[Hو\H][Y[[Y[[]X[&\ܚ][ݚYH\™]Y[HوH]X ]][Y8'ܙ\'HXH]H]H\X\\\ۈ]H[ܛZ]HوH[Y[\X]YH[]Y]Y وXܝ[ۋH]Hۛ\H]XوBX[܈\ܚYX][[X\XB\H\X\\H\YHX]\Y]\XX[ۈ[]HY[[H]X[8$[YHY]܈\[ۘ[B[H\[ۈXXYۈZ\X\^H[ N Y\YH܈[HZ[[YXY[H8$[š]\YH]]\[ܚ][H[\X [YZ[[ N ̋ N  N ͈[ N K]X[YZ[\]X[[[\[\X\Y[ ]\][HX\\HوHH[[[[][[^H[[][ۈ[YH[H\[ZXY]X\XHۈH\ۈوH\[ ]BYZ[H][و[\Y][[Y\HYX[]H]HY[[H\X[ۈوB]HYHۜY\][ۈ]]X[ZY]H[[HX[X\XY]Hݙ\ZY۝Bو[\[[YYHX[[ۈYZ[ٙ\\X\K[\[HXXX[8&ۈ\X[x&H]]Y\“ۙH\۸&]]H[YH[[\YXX[\[[X[\ܞK