The Portal Archive May 2013 - Page 2

THE P RTAL is the monthly review of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham 56 Woodlands Farm Road, Birmingham B24 0PG - The Magazine is free and may be downloaded from Editorial Board: Ronald Crane, David Chapman, Jackie Ottaway, Cyril Wood, Aidan Nichols, Len Black Assoc Editor: Gill James Advisor: Mark Woodruff T he P ortal is grateful to our many generous supporters for their financial assistance. May 2013 Volume 3 Issue 29 Contents 3 Editorial : What is the Ordinariate for? – Will Burton 4 The Huntingdon Group – Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane 6 Auntie Joanna writes . . . Ghastly and Wonderful 7 Anglican Luminary : James Thornhill – Fr Keith Robinson 8 Snapdragon – Loved or loathed 9 Ordinary’s Page – Monsignor Andrew Burnham writes 10 The A - Z of the Catholic Faith: D – Fr Stephen Wang 11 The Chapel on the Bridge – Eliza Treblecock 13 Anglo-Saxon Saints for Huntingdon – Harry Schnitker 14 Newman : Barberi and Newman – Br Sean 15 Ordinariate Groups – where to find us at prayer 17 Letter from Australia : Historic Ordination in Broken Bay 19 The Ordinary’s Diary + Holy Pilgrimage 20 Fr Peter’s Page – Seeker or Finder? Contributors ◊ ◊ Will Burton had coffee with Eliza Treblecock beside the Old West River in the Isle of Ely ◊ ◊ Jackie Ottaway & Ronald Crane are Ordinariate members ◊ ◊ Joanna Bogle is a Catholic Journalist who rides a bicycle ◊ ◊ Fr Keith Robinson is the priest of the Salisbury Group ◊ ◊ Snapdragon mourns Margaret Thatcher in the Midlands ◊ ◊ Mgr Andrew Burnham is an Assistant Ordinary in the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham ◊ ◊ Eliza Treblecock hails from Cornwall but now lives in Buckinghamshire ◊ ◊ Fr Stephen Wang is Dean of Studies at Allen Hall Seminary, Chelsea, London ◊ ◊ Harry Schnitker is an academic at Maryvale Institute. ◊ ◊ Brother Sean of The Spiritual Family of Work, lives in Oxford ◊ ◊ Fr Peter Geldard is the Catholic Chaplain at the University of Kent in Canterbury