The Portal Archive May 2013 - Page 18

THE P RTAL May 2013 Page 18 emotionally or perhaps even physically.” From the mid-1990s onwards, Fr Warren found himself more and more perplexed by, and at odds with, some of the various different theological directions in which the Anglican Church was heading, both in the Sydney Archdiocese and elsewhere around Australia. Fr Warren is greeted by priests of the Diocese assistant priest at various Anglican parishes, as well as supply work for priests who are ill or on leave. In particular, Fr Warren saw the ordination of women priests, and now bishops, in parts of the Anglican Church in Australia as breaking with apostolic Tradition. “Don’t get me wrong, I have a tremendous regard for the ministry of women in all sorts of capacities, but sacramental ministry is, I think, according to Tradition, exclusively male.” After some years of discernment, Fr Warren joined the movement towards the Anglican Ordinariate of “So it’s been a chequered ministry in a way,” he the Roman Catholic Church and says Pope Benedict laughs. “But the Lord’s been good to me.” himself has drawn attention to “the treasure” that the Anglican tradition will be for the Universal Church. Fr War [\[ۛۈYYH[\\ۘ[8']H[H[܈\]]\Z[[BYK]HX]وۙHو\]Y\\[Hܙ[\X]K[[[][[ۈ]H[]\[[H\XY[YHYX\Yˈ[H\[[\Y\ H][\ ^HH\]][]š[HXY[ \\H\[x&\YHۜˈ\[YHܛY\[X[܈[X[\H[[HZH[X]HH[[[Z\ۋH\N][][]H[]X[ۈ[[\[[]]Y\H܈H\˂[KX]\H^H[YH\[Z]Y x&[H[^H ]YX\]H[\ݙHYHܛ[]\XK'YH[H\YYH[]\[Y ™H[\XH[8&[^H]&B[HY\[\Z]'HH^\ˈ8'[H^K8&YHY&]XX\H L H\YH MB]H^HZ] H[&]H\KZ]\Y[[KH]H܈[\X\B[X[ܙ[\X]B[ܚ[XYB[[[B]\^H [H LŒLۂ[[X\[X[ XX\Y܈Z]]ۂYH[H^H]]X[]][[ܙB]\^H ][H L”[H^H[][[ܙH]\Y[H]X[X\X]]X[&\[YH]][[ܙH [X]HX\‘[HH[ \]HYH[H\\\ܘ[[YBL [HX\ HYKYH[K][[ܙHܙ H HYH YH\[]H]X\\\X\JKLX[HٙYBLK[H[Έ8']X[]][[ܙx'HHH\\وHܚŒLH[K \HZYY\وHYH[HوH\ˌM\HXH[YB[\XHۈ\]X[^H]][[ܙH[[\B[Y\]\]H\]YH܈0LXYH]Hܝ[΂Hܝ[  M[\HY \Z[[H ’Y[HYY[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ[Έ LH