The Portal Archive August 2011 - Page 8

ragon THE P RTAL August 2011 Page 8 What makes you angry?  Children dying in Africa for want of affordable drugs? Or want of nets to prevent malaria? I have recently received an e-mail from a priest in Malawi whose children have again contracted the disease. Fortunately they are now over it (again). Christian Aid is meanwhile running a campaign to provide sufficient nets. Quite a task, as one child is dying every forty five seconds for want of them. NETS NOW is a twelve month project to send the chemically treated nets to the areas of need. Visit   Missed the point  What else makes you cross?  I have received many letters and cards prior to my ordination as a catholic priest in the Ordinariate, and they were all a great joy to have. So what could be cross-making about many of the comments they contain? Quite simply, so many have MISSED THE POINT. No, it is not just my personal decision. No, I did not wrestle long and hard with my conscience. No, it is not my last despairing gesture to the liberals in the C of E. No I am not reneging on my Anglican roots. I wish I could make my friends write out ten times that the Pope’s offer is a corporate one.  groups It is an offer to a Body of Christ’s people from the Catholic Church. So we have been encouraged to come over in groups. To resolve, not a personal predicament for one or two Anglicans here and there, but to resolve a CHURCH predicament for all Anglicans who struggle to uphold the Catholic faith. In other words it is a church solution to a church problem, and if you cannot see that the Ordinariate is not for you.  So the clergy have been trained in groups. The laity have been instructed in their catechism in groups. The Ordinariate is now set up as a group within the Catholic Church, under the Ordinary. Members are worshipping in groups in Catholic churches, sometimes with other Catholics, but always with each other. It is vital that the groups retain their identity so that they can act as a bridge for others yet to join.  Some pertinent questions  1. What if the group is tiny? No worry - groups vary from a few to a hundred or so. 2. What do Catholics think of having a group within the Catholic Church?  All the messages from the local churches are most positive. We have been more than welcomed . We feel treasured. 3. Will the groups just fizzle out and become swallowed up in the whole?  No one knows where the Holy Spirit will lead us, and what the future will bring. We may well be in for more surprises. 4. Will the groups promote unity or further division? In the history of Anglican-Catholic relations the Ordinariate must be seen as a great leap forward. ARCIC did a lot of the spade work, but this corporate offer from Pope Benedict has opened up new ground for the ecumenical plant to grow and flourish. “Ut unum sint”.   What a positive agenda this is proving to be!      Alleluia !!