The Portal Archive August 2011 - Page 5

THE P RTAL August 2011 Page 5   Eventually our time had gone. We said our a Pastoral Group is being set up. We have, of course, “Goodbyes” to a lovely group of people. There were Servers and Eucharistic Ministers.” generous with their time, their views and their support As to growth, Fr John was aware that survival was the for The Portal. It was a privilege to meet with them. main concern for the immediate future. “It is number  We took Fr John back into England, and to supper one!” he said. He too felt that the Group would grow as more people became at our hotel. Once we had downed a pint of Plymouth’s unhappy with the C of best he was ready to share his thoughts. E, he carried on to say  We went together “I hope people from traditional Parishes will   He had been thinking of becoming a Roman come and join us”. Catholic for some time. “Since July 2008 and that awful Synod”, he said. When the Ordinariate was announced Fr John is no a number of the members of the congregation at Saint “Mass Priest” Paul’s Charlestown approached him, “And we went together” he proclaimed with understandable pride. Fr John is no “Mass Priest”. He had strong   The Group numbers twenty four all told. So with links with the local twenty one present when we visited it show that they schools. Each week he turn out a high proportion every Sunday. goes to one or other of them for an Assembly  Financial strain or a Class. “These links Fr John is aware of a problem with him living an are good, and they are Pat Poole and the Organ hour’s drive away. It is the financial strain on the important”, he stressed. Ordinariate Group. At 45p per mile, he is going to clock “Year 9 (14 year olds) came to Church to celebrate up some miles in a year. He goes for Mass on Sundays Ascension Day, and enjoyed it very much.” obviously, but he spends Wednesdays in Saint Like his people, Fr John Austell and returns was at pains to emphasise home after the 5:30pm the good relations with the Mass. Making the local Catholic community, journey twice a week is both clergy and laity. The going to cost money. He Bishop of Plymouth, The told us, “Fund raising Right Revd Christopher will be important.” There Budd, had been especially is, however, one positive warm in his welcome element in him being in to Fr John as to the Tavistock: He is nearer Ordinariate congregation. the other Ordinariate The significance of this Clergy in Devon. Peter and Margaret Eustice and Jeanette Roberts was not lost on Fr John, Consequently, they form a close group and support or on his people. They all realised they were involved one another very well. in a ground-breaking movement. The local Catholic clergy had been We asked him, “What is the purpose of the Group? very welcoming He responded at once, “We are a Missionary Group. and supportive. Our job is to encourage others. We must not sit On holiday? upon our laurels. Our people have to fulfil their own   So: if you are Faith. My job is to encourage them to continue their on holiday in pilgrimage in the Catholic Faith, and theirs is to attract the South West others to do the same.” Devon, South Shona and Chris The Group is well structured East Cornwall He was keen to stress that the Group is well structured area and can get to Saint Austell for 5:30pm one with a Secretary/Administrator to do the Rotas and the Sunday evening, call in for Mass. You cannot miss the like, as well as a Treasurer. “They are both volunteers.” beautiful modern church building amongst the trees he continued, “We also have a Finance Committee and and bushes, and right opposite Asda!