The Portal Archive August 2011 - Page 4

THE P RTAL August 2011 Page 4 Holyday in Cornwall? Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane visit the Ordinariate Group in Saint Austell Cornwall is the place for many a family during August. It is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular holiday destinations. Cornwall is also one of the UK’s poorest areas. So it is appropriate that Saint Austell in South East Cornwall has the county’s only Ordinariate Group. If you holiday in Cornwall or West Devon, maybe you will give them a visit? They are at Saint Augustine of Hippo Catholic Church, Woodland Road, St Austell, Cornwall, PL25 4RA – right opposite the Asda superstore.   Their Mass is at 5:30pm every Sunday. When we visited there were twenty one people present. Not bad when one considers that the whole group is only 24 strong. Just like coming home  The enthusiastic singing was led by Pat Poole (60) a retired Nurse. She has lived locally for the past 24 years, and she has no doubts about joining the Ordinariate. Like Sharon Webber (39) a shop assistant, she is very much a traditionalist. Sharon said, “It is absolutely fantastic, just like coming home. We have no regrets.” Sharon went on to point out that all the fund-raisers from their previous Church had joined the Ordinariate with them. James & Veronica Hyne, Judith Pollard & Jackie Foster them. Ken Walker a retired Banker, said “Our welcome could not have been better”. This view was endorsed by Margaret Eustice and her husband Peter. James Hyne gave an example of the welcome by drawing attention to SS Peter and Paul, a Holy Day of Obligation. It fell on a Wednesday, their usual day for mid-week Mass. They were joined by many of the regular congregation at Saint Augustine’s. The need for growth Linda Howell Fr John and Kathleen Pearce We asked about growth. The Group is not large, and they do see the need for growth. Sharon thought they must begin by evangelising. Others saw growth coming as others followed their journey from the C of E. Many have friends who are still Anglicans. As they become increasingly uncomfortable with developments in the C of E, they see their numbers growing.  Singing unaccompanied is always difficult, but Pat is sensible in that she has a keyboard to provide the  The local Catholic Church had presented them with correct note. Keeping time with one hand, she and her fellow singers give their all. When we were there the a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Walsingham. It stands proudly on the Altar during their Mass. congregation responded well.  The group decided to move together. Most of them live within a five mile radius of Saint Augustine’s, so it is convenient, as is the time of Mass: Although Doreen Walker would prefer Mass to be on Sunday morning. The Group is organised with a committee, Judith Pollard the Secretary and Jackie Foster the Treasurer.   A potential difficulty is that their priest Fr John Greatbatch lives an hour’s drive away in Tavistock. However the Group did not see this as a problem. As Sharon said, “He is still at the end of the telephone and on e-mail”. Pat was less sure, “We don’t know how it will work. At the moment we have a temporary priest living here. How it will work out in the long run we don’t know.” One member laughed that having Fr John   After Mass on the Sunday that we visited, the so far away was “nice!” and the Treasurer quipped that congregation kindly stayed behind for us to talk with there were no invoices!