The Portal Archive August 2011 - Page 16

THE P RTAL August 2011 Page 16 F a t h e r P e t e r ’s P a ge Forgive us our trespasses... Even when I made my first Confession in the Church of England, as a teenager some 40 years ago, I was conscious then that there seemed something slightly out of the ordinary about the action and its theology. Surely, if there is one thing that leaps from the pages of the New Testament it is that the coming of the Kingdom of God was supremely demonstrated by the proclamation and act of forgiveness.  few did “All may; Some should; None must” increasingly became the mantra of the larger part of the Catholic movement: the result was that in the end “few did”!  at the heart of the gospel And those that ‘did’ were often seen as either ‘extreme’ If there was/is one supreme quality associated with or ‘extra devout’ among the faithful.   But did Christ the mission of Jesus, it was that then – and ever since institute the Sacraments for the few, or for the many? – the forgiveness of sins was at the heart of the gospel. Was this not fundamental to the ‘Mission’ of the That the n [X\وۙ\[ۜX\[]X\[H[Y]\\X^H]HX[Y\[\]N]][HX^HYHX]HXܘ[Y[YBY] Y\X\[[[[\ܝ[H[Y[X[HY\H]HYوXۘ[X][ۂ\X[YKHYHYY[8&YZ]8&H ]THXܘ[Y[[]\H\\[]\HY\\œYHYX[JHHY\܈XHZ[\N[H۝\[[[[HYZ[\\] \H^\[HوXHYX[وܙ][\^ۙY[X\Y[[H\\\وH[[[Y[[Z[B\[\]Y\[ۜ[[\X][ۜ[YH]H۝[[\H\Y\YX[›وܘXHY]HHو^HYHHX[YB[ܙX\[Hۜ[\]]^\[H8$[X\B$\[YH\[\]Y\[ۜ[[\X][ۜ˜YܙHHX[YHH]X˰0]X[H]\[وHY\\[H\]\XYHX\]X[H\[YHYۛܙY ܈[YH\\XX[H[YY ]\Xوܙ][\\HXܘ[Y[][ \XZ]HX][ۂHXܘ[Y[وۙ\[ۈ\ۙHوHܙX]&۝\[&HYۜوH[Hوx&]H]ۈB[[[[Y[[و[[[H[X\]\[H[Yو[K^HX^H\XX]B[H\]X[YXHH]H]Z\[[Y[[Z[B\XZ]HX][ێX\YZ[HXHق\Y\Z[H\[]^Hو[\]\ۙH\Y]Hܛ]]\H[[Y[K]X[]HوHXX[Y\[Y•]]\H8&XX[8&H\[[Y[Έܙ][\š\Z[Z[YY[\8&\ݙH\Z[•\[Y\[\H8&\XHوH\]][ۈYZ[\\Y وHX&H\Y[X[و]ۙ\[ۈ\BY[\\وۙx&\[ܚ[XYHY[YY8$][[]\8&ܙ][\&H]YYH\\$H]\۝]Y^HY[Y][XX[HYX\Y]\][YH8&ܙ][\&H[]“\ܙYX\H]Y[][\KH[\\[[Hۙ\[[Xܘ[Y[\ وXۘ[X][ۈ]]XYYH[H]X\[]\][YH8&ܙ][\&H]\Z[°\H][Y^[][HY]H[X[YH[ 0H[Y]H]]ܚY܈YKH8&\[][[ۈHX[YH[ܙX\[H]\H]\ܘXK[ܚ܈[K&Y8&H H\HZ[8&[\&H܈ۜY\Y8&\[X[8&BH\X]YH[\[[H\\H[^\B]\]\وH]