The Portal Archive August 2011 - Page 13

THE P RTAL August 2011 Page 13 Letters to the Editor From Judith Echaniz: As we await an Ordinariate in the United States, it is a joy to read of your progress in The Portal.  Many thanks for sharing your experiences.  Let me add my welcome, as the 51st anniversary of my reception is coming up July 30 and 31.  A question reported in “More Ordinations” (July issue) made me catch my breath:  “What is it like to be ordained twice?”  That is a question that should not be asked, but people are going to have to learn why not to ask it. Compassion:  I’m sure that there has not been one Anglican clergyman coming to Rome - by any means, let alone the Ordinariate, and in any age - who hasn’t agonized in some way over the worth of his earlier years as a priest, especially presiding at Mass.  What they need now is a great prayer of thanksgiving that particular suffering is behind them.   Priests can respond quite differently even to the implied question.  God knows their hearts, loves them infinitely and always appreciates their love.  Step carefully around this topic. less welcome Anglo Catholic communities. This new influx may even include some of the prominent AC churches of London. Here’s to hoping! Adam Pettigrew Basingstoke, Hampshire From David Murphy As the contact person for a new Ordinariate exploratory group, I have been reflecting on ways of “recruiting“ new members. To say the least, the atmosphere at the moment between the Church of England and the Ordinariate is “strained”. I imagine that at least a part of this uncomfortable relationship is the C of E’s fear of aggressive proselytisation on our part. Most of us will be aware of the immense difficulties between the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate and the Catholic Church due to perceived proselytising by the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have been doing their best to repair relations with Moscow, but throughout the Patriarchate of Alexej II a meeting between Pope and Patriarch was out of the question. Since the Ukrainians demanded to be made a Patriarchate Doctrine:  Although there are deepening degrees themselves and this would only have aggravated of participation in Christ’s priesthood through the situation, John Paul II gave the leader of the Holy Orders - deacon, priest and bishop - none Ukrainians the title of “Major Archbishop” and not can be received twice.  With each degree the soul is “Patriarch”. Despite that, he is continually referred to marked with a special character (as in Baptism and by the Ukrainian Church as “Patriarch”, even on their Confirmation).    No one is “re-ordained”.  Our priests website! DO have to put this behind them and to get on with It is as if we would call Mgr. Keith “Primate”. We the work, as Father Ellis replied so well.  must avoid the temptation and scold any tabloid that Keep up the good work, and please pray for those in does so. (By the way, I think there is a need to clarify the Colonies as we remember you. our nomenclature altogether, before others do it for us – at the moment we are variously referred to, Judith Echaniz Rochester, NY USA among other titles, as Anglican Catholics, Anglican Use Catholics, Anglican Rite Catholics, Anglican Usage Catholics, Anglican Tradition Catholics, From Adam Pettigrew: Ordinariate Catholics and also by that gem of a name In last month’s edition of the The Portal, Mrs “Anglicanorum Catholics”.) Warboys asked how the Ordinariate will grow. So what are your ideas on the whole question of Personally I have come to the conclusion that evangelisation, mission, proselytisation. What are the mainstream Catholics will at least double the size do’s and don’ts? I say we should think carefully and of the Ordinariate over the next year. How many fast about this question.   Catholics are fed up with the current liturgy on offer but simply attend Mass to fulfil their Sunday David Murphy obligation? Neuenkirchen, Germany With lavish ceremonial, beautiful Mass settings and sound preaching, many of us will think all our Christmasses have come at once! Then in 2014, as women Bishops are inevitably “ordained”,  there will be an influx of belated but no Letters for publication should be sent to: The Editors, The Portal, 293 Ordnance Rd, Enfield Lock, Middlesex EN3 6HB