The Portal April 2018 - Page 7

THE P RTAL April 2018 Page 7 The Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in 2018 Ronald Crane meets the Ordinary, the Right Reverend Mgr Keith Newton I settled down in Mgr Keith’s comfortable study with the proffered glass of sherry.  He began with an assessment of the past year. “Well I suppose the thing that’s most significant is that over the last year we have been settling into the patterns and structures we have created over the previous three to four years. There are regular meetings of the Governing Council, the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council, and we also have Coordinators’ meetings. “The Coordinators are priests who have oversight of priests and people in various pastoral areas. There are also meetings of the three Deans as well, and the Ordinary’s Council, which is me and my two assistants. All these structures have been working well this year. The Pastoral Council was formed only about eighteen months ago; that has been the most important recent development.” Mgr Keith moved on to issues that came out of the meeting with the three Ordinaries in Australia this year. “We met over the course of a week, first with the priests from the Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross in Australia. The three Ordinaries also spent time together with Father Tad Oxley from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and we covered a lot of ground. “We talked about publications; producing a book of devotions and a study version of Divine Worship, which we hope will be available in the first half of 2018. We discussed our relationship with our former colleagues in the Anglican Church, our patrimony and how we can best promote it.  “We talked about the difficulties that all of us have experienced in the very early years of what is a new structure in the Catholic Church and how they might be resolved. I think we all agreed that a major issue is the owning of property or, if not owning, then the control of property. If we don’t have control of property, there is very little chance of the mission going forward and growing. “Another issue was formation our clergy, not only in seminaries but also for former Anglican clergy. I have to say that I think we are doing well in the UK in our formation processes. It was useful to share and compare experiences in Australia and North America because, although there are many differences, there is enough that’s similar that we can learn from each other and understand each other better.” We moved on to positives from the past year. I suggested three; formation of associates, ordinations and the setting up of the first parish. Mgr Keith began The three Ordinaries in Australia: Mgr Keith Newton, Mgr Harry Entwistle and Bishop Steven Lopes