The Portal April 2018 - Page 6

THE P RTAL April 2018 Page 6 Palm Sunday or Easter Day? Keeping Easter is explored by Fr Mark Woodruff W hen this is published, a number of Eastern Catholic Churches, in common with the Orthodox, will have a week to go before Easter. Yet they are Catholics just the same. In 1982-83, Myrna Nazzour, a Catholic married to an Orthodox in Soufanieh, near Damascus, received a vision of the Mother of God, with the message to pray for peace, and for Christians of East and West to love another and keep Easter together – a vital witness to Christ’s death and resurrection in the flesh, for Christians living amidst Muslim or Jewish majorities. The Council of Nicaea settled how the solar calendar and the Hebrew lunar calendar should both be used to find each year the same eve of the Sabbath on which Our Lord was crucified in Jerusalem. But with better mathematical accuracy (and a blunder like calculating the moon’s cycle from Rome, not Jerusalem), the datings in West and East diverged. Sometimes it is the same day; sometimes the East goes ahead to the following month; usually they are a week later. morning; “Let me be a partaker of Your mystical Supper, for I will not betray You like Judas, but like the repentant thief confess You: Lord, remember me in Your Kingdom.” That evening, Good Friday’s Passion Matins has 12 Gospels, each one read in a vestment darker than the last. Bishop Hlib will set the whole scene from John 13 to 17. Then we read from the Passions of John, Mark and Matthew. The Cross is set up for veneration: “Today, the Lord who raised the dry land from the waters is raised upon the Cross. He clothed But it need not be Church-dividing. Many Eastern the sky with clouds and is today vested in purple. In Catholics in Britain keep Easter with Roman Catholics, the Jordan He freed Adam, now He is slapped in the even while their fellow Church members in the East face. We worship Your passion, O Christ: now let us may keep it later. It is another aspect of the diversity behold Your resurrection.” of patrimony and practice that, as the Ordinariate knows, does not weaken the common life of the Body On Friday, a Procession bears the Shroud, bearing of Christ, but strengthens it by integrating the many- the image o ѡ ɥЁѼ́ɕѥ)́ȁݡ ɥЁ͡!́ )ɹݥѠݕ̰Ё́٥䁭͕ѡ)ѡհQٕé)ͅ5ѥ́)MݡЁݥݔЁѡUɅ ѡɅ ɥЁݕ݅ѥ!Mɑ胊q)1ѡɕЁ ѡȁѼѡݕȁ5ѡȰ͕她ѡQ)=ɑɥїéɅ ɍȁѕȁݕȁ$͡ɥ͔t9ȁѡݔȁ镭éѽ)аݔݥ́ɽ́ݥѠ̀ݔ͔ѡم䁽ѡ́ѡɽ՝Ёѡɔ)ݥܤɥєɽݕѡ]Ёɽѡѡ͕͔́ѡЁѠ́ЁѼЁ胊qٕ)и=ѡ́ɕ͕́ѡЁѡ!MɥЁɅѥ́ѼeȁQ< ɥаͥ)ݡх՝Ёѡѱ́ѼѽՕ̰Ё嵸Ʌ͔t)ɕѡѼѡȁ-ݥѠ̸ͅ)Mչ䁅݅́Ёѡɕɕѥݔ)=Mɑ䰃qQѡ́ɥ$͡ձ)ݕȁɥЁٕѵ쁉ЁȁɕЁ!]ٕȁٔɕٕѡ=ɸ5丁$ɕٕ)ݔѼɬՅɕ]ٕȁٔqեtձЁ!%Ё́ݕ)ͼѡ ɽ́ѡЁ́́͡ѡЁɽѡЁ́݅ݕt%ѡٕݕɥɥ)ѡQ=5䁅QՕ͑䰁ݔѕݥѠٕѵ̰ݔٔѡ ɍLѡQ́)ѡQYɝ́ѼЁѡ ɥɽ胊qѼѡ]ɕɸ ͡!́ѡȁݥѠѡ)AͥЁյȁ5ѡȁ ɽ́ѡɕѥ̰q1Ёɥ͔Ё!́)ѡQɐ$͡ɥ͔ɥ䇊t)͍ѕɕt%Ё́胊q ɥЁ́ɥ͕ɽѡ)ɅѠ䁑ѠѼѡ͔ѡ)=]͑䰁ݔݕݥѠѡ5ѽ́٥tQ1ɝ䁥́Ʌѕ)ɕɔѡ5ѕȁȁɥ쁽ȁɅ͔́Ё́ѡ́ѡхͥ́ѡЁՅ)ɝݥѠɠ́ѡͥє]͔5͍ɕѡхȁɕѡѥQ)ɕɕ́ѡЁͅمѥ͕ѡЁ́ѠȁѼ͕ ɥӊé胊qM9܁)ͅ)Q͑é1ЁMȁ́ѡѕɹȁѡ䁽ѡ1ɐ́͡Իt