The Portal April 2018 - Page 22

THE P RTAL April 2018 Mgr Keith responded, “When the Apostolic Constitution was published, there was a commentary by Fr Girlanda, a senior lawyer from Rome, about what the Ordinariate is. It was very clear there are two aspects. “One: it was a way to allow former Anglicans to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. That’s really important, as we want to be part of the Catholic Church and integrate ourselves into the life of the church; we are not separate, especially from the life of the Latin Church. We aren’t a ritual church. Page 22 encouraged that more people are using Divine Worship than I would have thought and more are using the customary than I would have thought for their Office. This is to be encouraged, but our patrimony is much more than this. “We are as much Catholic as anyone else, but we have treasures which we need to share in the Universal Church. That is a really important thing so no one should suggest that our priests and people should just be absorbed into the wider church. “The other part which is very clear is that the Ordinariate is to maintain the liturgical, spiritual and pastoral traditions of the Anglican Communion within the Catholic Church as a precious gift nurturing the faith of the members of the Ordinariate and the treasures to be shared. That’s really important. “We are here to preach the gospel to the world. Most people out there, whether they are nominal Anglicans, Catholics or Methodists, know little about the Christian faith. They are all there to be evangelised and we have an important part to play. We must have a right mind about this “The reason I say that there’s misunderstanding is I think you will meet people who think that really what the Ordinariate should do is be just like a leaven in the Catholic Church in England and Wales and make a contribution; help to improve things in this way, bring little bits of the Anglican patrimony which will be a bit like spoon full of sugar in coffee, it will just be dissolved and won’t be very obvious.   “I just want to encourage all our members to be committed to what Pope Benedict XVI gave us, and I think we have an obligation to him. We were so grateful for what he did through the CDF and I think the way to show our gratitude is to try to fulfil the vision that he had - and it’s an ecumenical vision. People should not minimise that. Our numbers are small but the Ordinariate’s significance ecumenically is enormous.   “That is not what the Apostolic Constitution says. Quite clearly, it is not for the Ordinariate to be absorbed into the local Church. In fact, interestingly recently I was sent a published doctoral thesis about the Ordinariate which said at one point that anecdotally there have been some comments from clergy that there is still an Anglican feel about some of our Ordinariate communities without a feeling of wanting to integrate fully into the Catholic Church. Well if there isn’t that Anglican feel, then there is no point in the Ordinariate so that is a total misunderstanding from a diocesan point of view.  Such people want these traditions to be absorbed but they are not to be absorbed they are to be shared. “The question is, if there is to be corporate unity between the Catholic Church and other ecclesial bodies, what might it look like? The Ordinariate is the only example of wh