The Portal April 2018 - Page 21

THE P RTAL April 2018 Page 21 The Ordinariate in 2018 . . . continued from page 8 because they will be attracted by the sort of worship and passion of community life we have with each other and that is happening all over the country.” We turned to negatives and disappointments over the past year. Mgr Keith said, “We haven’t got very much further with having buildings put into our care, though there are some hopeful signs for the future. Whether they come to anything, I’m not sure. I think it is important to have some buildings, I don’t expect the diocese to give me a church. Real estate costs a lot in England, but a church can be dedicated to the life of the Ordinariate. It’s not just where a priest looks after a church and has a little group who are either assimilated into the life of a parish, or has a small Ordinariate mass using Divine Worship at some inconvenient time on a Sunday afternoon. Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick Street, London in the Church here about the translation of the missal and what will happen in the future. The Bishops’ Conference has said the new rules about translation are not retroactive so we can’t go back. Some people will complain about the language of the new Roman Missal and say it’s not normal language for everyday life but we have to realise we have lots of different languages that we use in our society. “The language we use in court is not the same language we use in the local pub. You do not speak to the Queen in the same way you speak to your best mate. When you talk about things spiritual, language is taken to extreme in to express things that are almost impossible to express in human language Y][Y\š][HH؈وHY\^Z[H[XYHقHZ\[ۙܙY][ۜܙZHۜX[X[ Y[H\HY\[X[^H[]BYHXܛ\ܙ]Z]HH[[[K[ܝ\\Z[YX\H]H[ܙ[][ۈ܈ZYY[]H\Z[[Hܘ]ܞB[][HۙXYHH\\ق\Z[[KH]H\\\ܘ[ۙ\[H܂Z]KH\ܘ[[[ X\Y]XHHYX\\Hܛ\وZ]HX\\[\ܛ\\[[ [[[[\ˈ\\Y][]H\ܙ[\X]\]HY[[XH˜X]\HوH[ܛ[\\[\[Y \\ܘ[[[\[YHۙ\[H܈Z]H܂]Y\ XHH[HHܙX]X\ˈ\H[H\H]\H\N\YKH\Z[[BX[[[܈Hܝ[YK'H[]\H[ܙHY[[H]\K'ۙHوH[H\\Y[]\[XH\š\][H\\YX]YHZ\[ۈوHYX\\HX]H\Xۜ]][ۈ[ܙ[\X]KZH\\\و\YHوHH[YX\[ݙ[X\ NKH\H[[\[\[ۈ\H[\XY] H[\][H[YH[X]H] \B[H[X][ۜوX\\[YH[B'HۛH[Z]Y[H]H\H\]HۙHܝ[]H\[[Z[[XZ\ˈH]Bݝ\ܙX\ۈH[^H[ۙHۈH^\و[XYHYH]\HHYXوHX؛Y][ۋ\YX[]\][[K[Y[H\؝[\HZ[\\H\[\H[\H[•Y][K\\\[ܝ [HXܙ[܈YHY\[ۜ^H[HZ[HXX[][Hܜ\ [H[XX[H]HH[[\][KX\\H[\Y[˸'BY[HZKو]H\K\\\H[\ܝ[ YB\H\HY[H[]HY[H[[KHZY 8'H\[]HܛHۈ\\H[H[&]YH[K^H]HH[[][H۝\][ۈ[HY]XYH[YK[XHHY[[^\Y[YH[K^H[H]H]HX]]Hܙ[\X]H\܋\H[H^\Y[Y]\&XۈH[HZY]Hو[H[YH[]YHB[^HY\ۋ'Bܙ[\X]H]HYX\8$[^H\HH[YBYX\ˈ\H]و[H\H]H]X[[\H[XYH\Y܈ܜ\ Y܈Z]Hܙ[\X]H\܋[Hۙ\Y][H[YZY 8'\H\[[\\[۝\][ۈ[ۈZHHܝ[]H^HY][X]\˸'