The Portal April 2017 - Page 3

THE P RTAL April 2017 Page 3 P ortal Comment Round and About Will Burton’s round up of the Ordinariate scene The Right Revd Philip North Chrism Mass A T ll in the Ordinariate have been saddened by the news about The Right Revd Philip North and his withdrawal from the appointment as Bishop of Sheffield. Bishop Philip is a good man. He is an excellent pastor, priest and bishop. Many of us count him among our friends. We well remember the life, laughter, fun and spiritual joy he brought to his time as Priest Administrator at the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. That he should be subject to this kind of abusive treatment causes us all pain. Mgr Andrew Burnham has written on the Catholic Herald web site on this subject. You may read his article at: Elsewhere in this issue of T he P ortal , Fr Simon Ellis has written a thoughtful article on this subject. We ask all our readers to pray for Bishop Philip in particular, but also for all those who carry the Catholic banner in the CofE, as well as for all Anglicans. It a difficult time, and much prayer is required. Ordinariate Seminarians T he P ortal understands that at 11.30am on Saturday 17th June at St James’ Spanish Place in London, Jonathan Crear, Thomas Mason and quite a number of others are to be ordained Deacon by Cardinal Pell. This promises to be a momentous occasion, and – rest assured – T he P ortal will be there. In preparation for the celebration of this wonderful sacrament, we carry this month an interview with both Jonathan and Thomas. Do keep them, and the others to be Ordinariate Deacons that day, in your prayers.  Sunday 18th June 2017 O n the following day, Sunday 18th June, the great Procession of the Blessed Sacrament through central London takes place. If you are in or around central London on that day, do make sure to take part. It is always a most impressive occasion and a wonderful witness to the Faith. his will be at Warwick Street at 11.30am on Monday 10th April 2017. Ordinariate Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Walsingham S aturday 24th June 2017 is the date. Posters have been sent out, so make sure your Group/ Parish/Mission has one and displays it in a prominent position. This year we begin in the Priory Grounds as the Anglican Shrine always have a Sung Mass at Noon on 24th June. The Shrine Priest is to join us at Mass in the Chapel of Reconciliation at 3pm. On Friday 23rd June Compline and Benediction is to be celebrated in the Catholic Parish Church in Walsingham. Ordinariate Festival F riday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September 2017. Bishop Alan Williams is to give a talk on Evangelisation at Warwick Street at 7:30pm on the Friday evening followed by Compline and a Reception. On Saturday, Mass is at Westminster Cathedral at 12.15pm, and then we are in Westminster City School which is just opposite the Cathedral. We hope to provide a hot lunch as well! Pilgrimage to Lisieux F riday 29th September to Friday 6th October 2017, including the feast of St Thérèse herself. Still time to book. Contact Pax Travel. Your Letters R emember we are always pleased to receive your letters and emails for publication. We, and our many thousands of readers, are always interested in your views. Email: or by post: T he P ortal , 56 Woodlands Farm Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham, B24 0PG