The Portal April 2017 - Page 20

THE P RTAL April 2017 Page 20 Our time at St Mary’s College Oscott Ronald Crane meets Jonathan Creer and Thomas Mason J onathan and Thomas are Seminarians at St Mary’s College Oscott and coming towards the close of their period of formation. They are the first Ordinariate laymen to have been through the system as opposed to being Anglican priests who have been ordained into the Catholic Church. “I’m Jonathan Creer. I’m 52 so quite an elderly Seminarian. I was a Civil Servant for nearly 25 years in the Home Office and Ministry of Justice working in London. I had a religious upbringing at my local, rather “High” country church in Shropshire.  a vicar and retired in the last couple of years but very much in the Charismatic and Evangelical wing of the CofE. A lot of that is still formative in me, particularly in terms of the scriptures being foundational. However, something seemed missing. When I was an undergraduate at St Andrews, I came across Anglo-Catholicism which seemed to answer a number of questions.  “At Oxford I was involved at St Mary Mag’s and wondered about a vocation, but was not sure it was for me. As a Civil Servant, I had a nice Thomas Mason and Jonathan Creer “When we worship God, it’s not just about ideas but time with work and friends, and ended up earning reasonable money. I was still a church goer and went you worship with your entire body, and not just the spirit. Frankly, I was convinced by it. About that time, to St Michael’s in Croydon. I thought I might have a vocation, but I was isolated in “My background is mixed. My father is a Catholic, the Scottish Episcopal Church. Back in England, I was but he had lapsed by the time he had children so we based in Buckinghamshire where there were no Anglo were not brought up as Catholic, just normal C of E Catholic churches. types. He has now returned to the church, so that’s “Like Jonathan, I felt there was a great provisionality good. I always thought that I might end up as a Catholic. As I got into my forties, I had this nagging about where I was in the CofE. We were in this bizarre sense of vocation. I knew that if I didn’t do something situation, believing we are fully part of the C of E but also believing that a whole load of CofE ministers who abo ЁЁͽЁݽձeЁ )ɔɑѡɥ͕ѼѼѡхȁɔ+qЁѡЁаA ЁչѡՅɥ̰ݡЁѡ䁅ɔ́Ёѡ)=ɑɥєȁ-Ѡѥȁ̸%ЁЁ͕ЁЁȁѡѼ)1ͼ$ѡ=ɑɥєɅȁѡɥѡȁѼͅ䰃a ѡ)݅䰁䁵͡ݥѠԁ́ɽ٥ͥ$)ݥѠȁ ɥ́Aͽ́)ѼͅȻd+q$Ѽ͕ɑѥѡ=ɑɥє+qɕ܁ ɹ݅́䁉́͡$݅́ѡ)ݕЁѼ]хݥѠQ́ѡ́ȁ)͕ѥɕ]ݕЁѼѡMЁ1խé ɔ͙Ёɕ$Ѽȁե)5ѕȁѡѼ ɥ́=ᙽɐѕȁQѡ=ɑɥє݅́չٕѡ)ѡɕ啅́ѡͥ݅́хѼٔ́ѼMЁ͕ѼѼɕ܁݅́䁉͡)݅́ѡ=ɑɥє$Ѽ܁)5é ɔЁ=͍лt+q$хЁݥѠѡ=ᙽɐɽ݅)Q́ѽ́ѽ䰃q$݅́Ʌ͕ɕ)䁹ЁЁ ѡ͕ѥ5䁙ѡȁ݅́ɕɕѼɕٕݥѠѡѼѡ ѡ