The Portal April 2017 - Page 14

THE P RTAL April 2017 Page 14 Ordinariate Groups Where to find us at prayer around the UK Beckenham Convent of St Peter Claver , COLCHESTER St John Payne , Blackthorn 89 Shortlands Road, Bromley BR2 0JL Mass: 2nd Tues, Our Lady of the Rosary , 330a Burnt Oak Lane, Blackfen DA15 8LW Mass: 1st, 3rd & 4th Tues: 7.30pm Mass followed by talk and discussion - Sunday as announced Contact: Fr Simon Heans: 020 8333 2815 - b X[[K[^Pܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z][YKܙY[XY QX\Έ ܙ[^BوH[۝ H۝Xۈ][[N L   Hڜ\[\] BԓS]Y\[Hو\ ]\[  H HX\Έ[^N KK[ۈY B۝XܙX]] N L H B\Z[[HX\\]X\H  NH\Hܛ[ܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z[[ۈY \Z[[H PX\Έ[^NL[K۝X[[ۈ[\Έ LH H HՑSH\Hܚ\ [ۂ\Z[[Pܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z”\ݙ[KՍ HX\Έ LX[H H[[ۂKY\ L[KY L[H ]\\ N\PSH\YHو\]X[ K] L[H YHYܘ][ۈ ۙ\[ۊBX\ [Y \[\ۋՌLٙYH[ܛ[Έ] L [ۈ۝X][X\Έ ܙ[^HوH[۝ Lۈ Y\  ͍H L H][\ PXZ[ BHY\Y[[HXܚ\JK[ۈYL[H۝X[^N NL MLܛYۈ\Y[\ [[[ \\H[^P[\] H HX˘[Pܝ LNH TX\Έ[^N[K LKܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z˜[ۈ\ [K\Hو[۝HX[[“X\ ][Hܜ\][X\\H۝XTSSUX\[ܙH ^ۈ  ͌H H\[[ [\] H H˂Y TQX\Έ[^N LKMX[H[Y]\˙KK]KܛYۛܙ[\X]BL [H۝X\[ܙ[ L  MNH\[[]ܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z‘\[ۈ][ XZ[Y Z[ܙ [H\[H X\Έ[^\\\ [\Y \ۋ\\\HK[H\\X\ LK[H[[X\[ۈ LX\Ǩ SX\Έ [^HوH[۝ LێY\ L[NY L[N\ L[NH N›ۋYH[[H[[][ۙ[] L[KY^\ Kۙ\[ۜY\X\[YX[ۈ] H۝X]\\Nۈ\K] ۝XX[ܚY]\ NLH L  H\M[\] B L̍H NLH H\[ېܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z H˂\[ۛܙ[\X]KYXKBPѐTX\x&\X^H X٘\LLBQHX\Έ[^H H ][Hܜ\ HYPSH][[\ X\8&\Y HXKٙYH HX\\X[H[ZXY[8&\\[ [ۙZ[KX[ [ MSX\Έ[^N[Hو\[\]\[ۈ]K[ LX[K H][ۙ۝X\\[[ۘ\XXH܈[K۝XX[[\ L   ܈ L L NMH H˛[\[\] H܈X[ܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z’[Y\ ML M HX[[Y\ܙSTѓԑ\YXܘ[Y[  LMY[\H][YK[\ٛܙLH HX\΂[^NK[H[ LK[K ۈ \[^HقH[۝ XYX[Hܙ[\X]JK[ۈ[ۂ]]KMX[H][][]H۝X[\ٛܙܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z‘TH[ܙH [YHY] \HLւX\Έ[^NK X[H H \[^HوH[۝LX[H ZY[Y \Yܙ [[KH Е۝X]\]\[\Pܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z‘X\\HYۙ\  ]^HY ]^HYX\\HX\Έ[^N BX\\NH VX\Έ]\^H M\H[۝XZ[]Y[ N L  HZ[ [[ ][Hܜ\ H۝XܘZ[H]Y[X\\[ܙ[\X]Kܙ˝Z”Z] L ̎ H HܘZ[KZ]XZ[ BPTTX\ ۝[YYۈH^YH0