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52 By the way ... Ponte Vedra Recorder · October 29, 2015 You need to brush your cats, folks. It’s a good thing When I showed my National Day Calendar to my writing group, the “Day” that sent them into paroxysms of laughter was National Hairball Awareness Day. The “Day” is listed as one of our unofficial national holidays. It’s not just “Hairball Day.” It’s Hairball Awareness Day.” My feline friend, Laptop, wakes me up between 1:00 and 5:00 AM with a sound that is a cross between an air raid siren and a garbage truck backing up. A brachycephalic (snuffling) dog is no match for a cat doin’ the hairball heaves. Initially I would bounce out of bed to reach the light on my nightstand, sure that there would be a pile of matted hair shaped like a mini pine cone. But then I learned: It helps to brush her. Eliza, my cat who died in Au- gust, let me brush her during the entire Oscars production with the wonderful hairbrush for cats I’ve mentioned in this column before: the FURminator. I was Mims Cushing doing an experiBy the Way... ment to see how long she’d lie on my lap, purring mightily, drowning out my A/C, before deciding she’d had enough brushing. Laptop only lets me brush her when the spirit is willing. Which is rare. Rare. Rare. She allows me to brush her when she is eating, but even that is not a given. Two things help: one is a sticky, THEME: VETERANS DAY tuna-flavored gel you can get from a pet store or your vet that helps prevent hairballs and is palatable and easy-to-use. It tastes like tuna fish, the tube tells me. I can put it on my finger and Lappy will lap it up, or you can put it on their paws or nose. It’s taken her eight years to cotton to it. The other thing you can try is dry chow specifically for hairball elimination and/or prevention. The problem with that is some of my past cats also have had urinary tract disorders and bleed so they must be on that formula or they get into problem. Just like with people, there’s always something. Summer is the time when fur grows the fastest, so hairballs are troublesome because cats have a hard time keeping up with groom- ACROSS 1. Laugh at with contempt 6. *Veterans Day stems from this war 9. *Hand-to-hand combat weapon 13. Par on a short golf hole 14. Immeasurable period 15. Gossipmonger 16. Triangular road sign 17. “M*A*S*H” character 18. *Commander’s instruction 19. *a.k.a. American flag 21. *Like soldier honored at certain tombs 23. Present plural of “be” 24. Acer, e.g. 25. Unit of electric current 28. Yearn or pine 30. *Traditional time for moment of silence 35. Luau souvenirs 37. Salad prep 39. Kidney problem 40. Cut or carve a design 41. Chose instead 43. High school breakout 44. Measure of alcohol 46. Republic of Ireland 47. Glorify 48. John Cusack’s time machine, 2010 50. Irena Cara’s 1980 hit 52. Fleur-de-___ 53. Snoopy 55. Argo propeller 57. *Washington or Carter 61. *Key’s composition 64. 3-line poem 65. *Between “ready” and “fire” 67. Well-____ machine 69. Skier’s mecca 70. Winter glider 71. Unnerve 72. East India Company wares 73. Part of H.M.S. 74. T in Ferrari TR ing themselves enough. I used to think cats only needing brushing when their hair thickens, in the summer. But it’s good to keep brushing, at least through fall, if not all year ‘round. Here’s something entirely different you cat fanciers might like to know: plastic grocery bags shouldn’t be used to dispose of the litter clumps. If you check the bottom of the bag, you will often find a hole or tear, and grains of litter will pass through onto the floor which is not savory. So get lunch bags from a dollar store, 50 bags for $1.00, and use them. Better for the environment too. Better get a lunch box if you are packing lunches for people so there isn’t, God forbid, a mix-up. SUDOKU DOWN 1. Hog haven 2. Like a “Vogue” ad 3. Three-layer cookie 4. Jolly good one 5. Indiana’s head gear 6. What one does at the altar 7. Court or solicit 8. Bring upon oneself 9. “Where the Red ____ Grows” 10. *Vietnam, on the ____china Peninsula 11. One-pot meal 12. Mountain lake 15. Bumpkins 20. Right-hand page 22. Denotes maiden last name 24. Bear witness 25. First in Hebrew alphabet 26. First M in MGM 27. Lace loop 29. *Honorary veteran, GI Bob 31. And elsewhere 32. Singing part 33. Boredom 34. Required things 36. *Marksmanship Badge denotes a good one 38. “Que Sera ____” 42. Evil one 45. Charity race 49. Flapper’s feathers 51. Have dinner at a restaurant 54. URL sign 56. *River Allies crossed in Invasian of Germany 57. Stairway to river in India 58. *”At ____, soldier” 59. Australian palm 60. Adds to or augments 61. Gulf V.I.P. 62. They have oval leaves that come to a point 63. Source of protein 66. *Veterans Day Proclamation signer 68. Genetic stuff