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If you are looking for an advisor to help you with a well thought out plan to manage the changes that need to be made to keep on you on track, call us. We can help you with your roadmap to your financial future. Jane E. Marchand President Registered Investment Advisor 821 Montego Road West • Jacksonville, FL 32216-9366 904-805-0207 • 800-388-9935 (toll free) • Ponte Vedra Recorder · October 29, 2015 Lifestyle Witt Tennis: a full service junior developmental program Dan Witt I first introduced myself and my program to the readers of the Ponte Vedra Recorder back in July. Since then I have begun my Fall 2015 tennis program that consists of 2 main components: developmental and schools programs. The developmental program, with enrollment of more than 50 kids, is offered to young athletes ages six and up and comes with very specific programming and a pathway to development. This pathway includes the introduction and developing a love of the game, competing locally (Jr. Team Tennis, Grand Prix Circuit), competing state-wide and/ or nationally, setting goals (i.e., making the middle or high school team) and possibly achieving a state and/or nationa l USTA ranking. A select number of players at the top of the pathway pyramid will achieve college scholarships and aspire to play professionally. I have new kids joining my program throughout the year as well as students coming in from out of town to train periodically during the school year, holidays and summer vacations. The second component is school tennis enrichment programs. The programs are typically 6 weeks in length during the school year and are geared towards getting racquets into the hands of kids for the first time at a young age (pre-K through 3rd grade). These programs are designed for convenience for parents as all groups are held on campus where we utilize gymnasium space, blacktop areas and school tennis courts if they are available. We use low compression balls, portable nets and properly sized racquets. This formula al- lows for greater success sooner with the ability to rally and move along the learning curve at a faster rate. Current school programs have over 100 kids learning the game and many for the first time. I run programming at the Bolles Ponte Vedra campus, Beaches Episcopal, St. Paul’s Catholic Academy and Accotink by the Sea. I have been assisted by the USTA Florida Section with equipment grants to start the programs and most equipment I donate to each school for use during PE, etc. The after school programs are very popular because they are convenient for the parents and they offer a new and fun way to get outside and play while in a familiar and structured environment. 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