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14 Community News EE P! R F EL H Ponte Vedra Recorder · October 29, 2015 MARK YOUR CALENDAR! October Subscribe to the Recorder! Call (904) 285-8831. Medicare Open Enrollment OCTOBER 15 - DECEMBER 7 THIS IS THE TIME TO: 1050 10 50 A1A N OR O TH T • Choose a plan that covers your medications LE EFT FTOV OVER R SALM SA LMO ON NO N OVE EMB BER E 5 • Switch Prescription Drug Plans or Advantage Plans NBC’ NB C’S LAST CO LAST COMI MC STAN ST ANDI DING NG LI LIVE VE!! NOVE NO VEMB MBER ER 9 • Enroll for the first time if you are new to Medicare Find us on Facebook 1-8-- Se Habla Español A RI AD RIAN AN LEG EGG G & DA DAVI VID D LI LIND NDLE LE EY NO N OVE VEMB MBER E 12 SHINE is a Florida Department of Elder Affairs program operated in partnership with your local Area Agency on Aging to provide information and assistance with Medicare. All services are free, objective, and confidential. WE DO NOT SELL INSURANCE OR REPRESENT ANY INSURANCE ENTITY. P ON ONTE TE VED EDRA RA BEA EACH C , FL F OR ORID DA 32 3208 0822 FLORIDDA CHAM FLORID CHAMBER BE MUUSICC BER PROJEC PRO J T PRES JE PRESENT ENTSS DVORAK DVOR A AK NOVE NO V MB VE MBER ER 22 SSAIILOR LOR JE JERRY RRY PR PRESE E NTS AN EVE EVENIN NINGG WITH WIT LU UCE CERO R DECE DE CEMB MBER E 3 FRIENDS OF THE FRIEND THE PON PONTE T VED TE E RA CONCER CON ERTT HALL HALL PR PRESE ESENT NT RISI RI SING NG APPA AP PALA LACH CHIA IA DE ECE CEMB MBER ER 13 2016 201 6 SH SHOWS OWS OHN N SEBA SEBASTI STIAN A JAAN. 8 JOH JAN OLATE TE DOG O S JAN..1111 OLA JAN WINNERS WINN RS OFF AMERI AMERICA'S CA'S GOT TAL TALENT ENT TRO ROMBO MBONE NE SHO SHORTY TY JAAN. AN. 15 & ORLE RLEANS ANS AV AVENUE E W/ NEW BR BREED EED BR BRASS ASS BANDD FLOR ORIDA IDA CHAMBER A BER MUSI MUSICC PROJEC OJECTT PRESEN PRESENTS TS JAN AN. 24 DAV DAVID IDBRU BRUCE C & MOZA CE MOZART RT JAN JAN AN. 28 ANA NA PO POPOV POVIC IC SHAWN WN COL COLVIN VIN JAN.. 29 JAN 29 SHA LEON RUS LEON SSE ELL DECE DE CEMB MBER ER 177 JAAN. 31 COL JAN COLIN IN HAY UNDER ERTHE THEST STREE REETLA TLAMP MP FEB 5&6 UND FEB.5 ROB OBERT ERTRA RANDO NDOLPH H THE FAM FAMILY ILY BA B ND FEB FE EB.. 11 & THE K VI KE VIN N GR GRIF IFFI FN OFF BET ETTE TERR TH THAN ANN EZR ZRAA DECE DE CEMB M ER 12 MB MESS ME SSIA IA AH FAVO FAVO V RI R TE ES EST STIV IVAL AL OF LIGH GHT T & CH CHRI R ST TMA M S FFE ANN IN INTIM TIMATE ATE EV EVENI EN NG N WIT WITHH MESS ME SS SIA IAH H JAKE JA KE MA ATI TISY SYAH A U DECE CE EMB M ER 5 SHIM SH IMAB ABUK UKUR URO O DE DECE DE CEMB MBER ER 18 8 NOVE NO VEMB MBER ER 13 & DEC ECEM E BE EM BER 19 9 LO OUD UDON ON DONN NNA A TH THE E WAINWR WRIG IGHT H IIII DO CAND NDLE LEBO BOX WAIN W H ME WIT MELI LISS SSAA FE FERR R ICCK BUFF BU F AL A O AC COU OUST STIC C DECE CEMB MBER ER 11 DE DECE CEMB MBER ER 30 NOVE NO VEMB MBER E 15 DE WITH LARR LAR Y CA C MPBE MPBELL LL & TER TERESA ESA WILL WILL IAMS M WITHH PARK PARKER ER URBAN URBAN BAN ANDD THEJA J MES JA MESHU HUNTE NTER R SIX SIX FEB 13 THE FEB. ARY Y CLAR CLARK K JR. FEB EBB. 21 GAR THE STOR TORYY OF SON SONNY NY BOY BOY SLIM S TOUR OUR ROGER ER MCGUI GU NN MAR.. 4 ROG MAR FLORRIDA CHAM CHAMBER BER MUSI MUSICC PROJECT PR PRRESEN ESENTS TSS MAAR. AR. 6 HAY AYDN DN & BRAH BRAHMS S THEJO THE JOHNN HNNY Y MAR.. 18 MAR 18 CLE CLEGG GG BAN ND MAARR. 19 THE MAR E FA FAB B FOUR FOUR 2 PERFOR ORMANC MANCCES! ES ES FLORIDA I CHAM A BER E MUSI US C PROJEC PROJECTT PRESEN PRESE TSS EETHO THOVEN VE APR.. 10 APR 10 BEE & MEND E ELS ELSSOH SOHN NENI NIGHT GHTOF O QU Q EEN APPR. 19 ONE APR AP DON'T MISS A SHOW! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AT FA FACE CEE BO BOOK OK.C OK .COM .C OM/P OM /PP ON ONTE TEVE TE VEDR VE DRAC DR ACON AC ONN CE C RT RTHA HALL HA LL WWW WW W• PVCO N C E RTH A LL • COM I CHOOSE TO give comfort . I choose Community Hospice. Join an award-winning, nationally recognized organization. Community Hospice of Northeast Florida — a recognized leader in advanced illness management — is seeking compassionate health care professionals to join our team. Meaningful work, dedicated colleagues and work/life balance—these are a few of the reasons Community Hospice attracts the most experienced and dedicated professionals. As an employee, you will receive a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits that support an active and healthy lifestyle both at work and home. Positions in home care, long-term care and inpatient settings available: The Life EnrichmDeanyt Group very -E Program& Th Tues. 2pumrs. 9am - • • • • • • Registered Nurse (RN) Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Social Worker (MSW) Respiratory Therapist Physical Therapist Massage Therapist Since 1979 2014 – 2015 To apply or learn more about other great career opportunities, visit Equal Opportunity Employer • Drug-free Workplace