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6 One of Us The Recorder · October 8, 2015 Where are you from originally? I am originally from South Carolina but have been here since 1977. What brought you to the area? I came here as a young girl with a new job. My best friend lived in Ponte Vedra at the time. I lived with them until I found an apartment. What do you like about it here? Even though I have lived in Jacksonville and the beaches, I always knew this was my home when I first moved here. My daddy told me when I moved here that “I was going to get sand in my shoes and never come back home.” That’s exactly what happened! How did you get your start at PVPS? What is your current role now? I began working at PVPS in 2006. I am currently in Community Relations. Tell me about the gift baskets you made for PVPS? I actually used to make the baskets for four years. I then transitioned into some other roles here at PVPS. I am still handling all of the requests that come from the various charity organizations that have fundraisers each year. I receive approximately 500 per year — I try not to say no. The doctors are very generous to the community. Tell me about your family. I am married and have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Donna Day works in community relations for Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery – but in her off hours, she has a unique artistic pursuit. Day creates works of art utilizing seashells. Day then uses proceeds from the sales of her art to travel around the world, helping women, children and missionaries on the ground in foreign countries. Her passion began during a trip to China in 2010. “I never thought that I would be one to be going to other nations,” Day writes on her website, “I always envisioned myself as a sender but not a goer.” Day recently returned to Ponte Vedra after a trip to China, and sat down with The Recorder to talk about her passions and her life on the First Coast. Tell me about how you work with shells? What other passions do you have? I am a shell artist. I have been making shell art for about 20 years. This year I was one of the five featured artists at the 78th Annual Sanibel Island Shell Show. I am also a missionary. I travel around the world helping Women and children as well as the Missionaries that are serving in other countries. I use the proceeds from my shell art to help fund my missions. My website is — Kelly H. McDermott The Recorder