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20 The Recorder · October 8, 2015 Experience art that nourishes the soul ... TRUE ART does more than make us smile. It is a universal language that knows no cultural boundaries. It speaks directly to our hearts. It inspires and uplifts us. In ancient China, artists believed that to create true art, they had to master their craft, cultivate goodness and inner purity, and create works with virtuous themes. “I come away with feeling like a better human being for having experienced this magnificent event.” —Omega Medina, opera singer & former senior manager of classical music for the Grammy Awards This very principle is at the root of Shen Yun’s artistic philosophy. The performance takes the virtues that nurtured Chinese culture for thousands of years—ideals like loyalty, honesty, compassion— and presents what is beautiful and good and upright in a powerful theatrical experience. Shen Yun’s artists emphasize moral character and include introspective study and meditation in their daily routines. You can see the result in the genuine joy with which they perform. You can feel it long after the curtain falls. Experience a divine culture. Experience Shen Yun. Take a Magical Journey Where Myths & Legends Come to Life The Terracotta Warriors (2012) “There is a higher order; there is a higher calling, Emperor Qin Shihuang, founder of China’s first Qin dynasty, built himself a massive tomb with 8,000 terracotta clay soldiers and 800 horses and chariots guarding his resting place. The soldiers were adroitly carved—each with unique facial characteristics and expressions. The Terracotta Army was created before Emperor Qin’s death in 210 B.C., but the tomb was not unearthed until 1974. Its scale of production baffles archaeologists to this day. and I think Shen Yun has illustrated that very, very nicely. I like that part very much. I identify that's one of the best things about humanity, that we realize that there's more than just us. Tears came to my eyes; it was just so incredible.” —Russell Yost, Professor University of Hawaii ar Manoa “Absolutely the greatest of the great … Really out of this world! Manchurian Dance (2011) In the grand halls at the heart of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) capital of Beijing, in the palace now known as the Forbidden City, lived refined young ladies known as gege, who are still revered for their elegance and sense of style. The Secrets of Shaolin (2013) The Shaolin Temple monks are famous for their kung fu. They’re also the only monks allowed to eat meat. Why? There is no word to describe it... if I had to, the words might be ‘divine,’ ‘reborn’ and ‘hope.’ You have to see it to believe it.” —Christine Walevska, Master cellist “Shen Yun is perfection in everything: the dancing, the songs and the music. “I am completely enchanted." —HRH Princess Michael of Kent The harmony between performers is of the highest degree... I will return home feeling less stressed, more at ease, and [with] a serenity I won’t experience from anything else I can think of. Besides, I will reflect upon what I have seen for a while and know that it will help me understand myself more deeply.” —Dr. Michael Meister, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany Reserve your seats today. Presented by Florida Falun Dafa Association Shen Yun is an elegant Chinese name that can be translated as “the beauty of heavenly beings dancing.” Many say there are no words to describe Shen Yun—you have to see it with your own eyes. Don’t miss the all-new 2016 show. Reserve your seats now. 2 SHOWS JAN 16—17 With live music by the Shen Yun Orchestra—the world’s only orchestra that combines classical Western and Chinese instruments as its permanent members. EVENING & MATINEE UNF FINE ARTS CENTER, JACKSONVILLE By Phone: 888.974.3698 Online: TICKETS