The plants around us. Volum III The plant around us. Volume III. Etwining project - Page 58

Vaccinium myrtillus English: European blueberry Spanish: arándano Estonian: harilik mustikas Portuguese: mirtilo, oxycoco Turkish: Yaban mersini Catalan: Nabiu Vaccinium myrtillus is a species of shrub with edible fruit of blue color, Vaccinium myrtillus is found natively in Europe, northern Asia, Greenland, Iceland, Western Canada, and the Western United States. It occurs in the wild on heathlands and acidic soils. Its berry has been long consumed in the Old World. It is related to the widely cultivated North American blueberry. Flowers The pink, cream, or greenish-white flowers are borne singly in the axils of new stems. Leaves Small, simple, alternate leaves are ovate to lanceolate or broadly elliptic with serrate margin. Leaves are light green and 1 to 3 cm in length. Leaves turn red, yellow, or brown in autumn. Fruit Fruit of whortleberry is a spherical berry 5-8 mm in diameter. Fruit color ranges from dark red to bluish or purplish black. Whortleberry is single-fruited. Authors: Rasmus Koplimäe, Henri Toomsalu