The plants around us. Volum III The plant around us. Volume III. Etwining project - Page 53

GASTRONOMIC USE AND OTHER USES Species of Typha have few uses for economic purposes, although the tubers are edible and have been used as food by indigenous peoples, notably in North America. MEDICINAL USE To cure, prevent illness. They can be valuable components of constructed wetlands, for the purpose of wastewater cleanup, as they are efficient at accumulating heavy metals and also in removing nutrients and oils. Typha vegetation plays a very important role in wetland ecology at sites where it occurs, by providing food, shelter and nesting sites for waterfowl, fish Infections as the bad of eye. and other wildlife. The Thypa angustifolia is used to make mats, chairs, furniture, wallets, baskets, hats, and nets to transport water containers such as pitchers, carafes and jars. Some legends indicate that Manco Cápac wore totora earmuffs as a personal adornment. The fruits are vitaminics, tonics, anticancer, hepatoprotective, promote hair growth and prevent ischemic processes.