The plants around us. Volum III The plant around us. Volume III. Etwining project - Page 48

omill Thymus vulgaris English: thyme Spanish: tomillo Estonian: tüümian Portuguese: tomilho Albanian: trumzë Turkish:kekik Flowers The flowers of this plant, usually have a corolla of white petals, and in some cases are pink or light purple. The corolla of the labiates is very characteristic, it has bilabiate petals and the others are joined at the base. The thyme is a very aromatic herb, a dwarf shrub. Stems are rigid and woody, covered with white hairs. The leaves are narrow and tiny, of curved margin and backs felted. The flowers can be white to purple, bilabiate, with straight petaline tube and protruding stamens, and they are grouped in spikelets or terminal clusters which are very dense. Leaves Thyme leaves are small, have a lanceolate or linear shape and have a small petiole. These leaves have aromatic characteristics and on the underside, a large number of light-colored villi (glaucous leaf).