The plants around us. Volum III The plant around us. Volume III. Etwining project - Page 4

T Ribes nigrum Blackcurrant is a small, bitter- . English: blackcurrant Spanish: grosellero negro Estonian: mustsõstar tasting fruit. It can be found in central and northern Europe and northern Asia. It is a medium-sized woody shrub. Portuguese: Groselheira negra Turkish: frenk üzümü Catalan: Riber negre Fruit It has fleshy berries. Berries are round and diameter is up to 1 cm. Berries are dark purple and almost black with glossy skins. Each berry contains many seeds. Flowers Flower is reddish- or brownish green, hairy with yellow glads. Flowering time is in May-June. Flower is 8 mm. Berries ripen in midsummer Leaves The leaves are simple, 3-5 cm, upper surface is hairless and underside is hairy.Leaves are 3-5 lobed. Leaves are strong-scented, alternate. Authors: Sandra Järmust, Teele Saar