The plants around us. Volum III The plant around us. Volume III. Etwining project - Page 38

English: potato Spanish: patata Estonian: kartul Portuguese: batata Albanian: patate Turkish: patates Catalan: patata Flowers and Fruits Potato is a starchy plant tuber which is one of the most important food crops, cooked and eaten as a vegetable. The potato plant produces leaves and flowers that can be white, purple, lilac, or violet, depending on variety. If fertilization of the flower is successful, a small green fruit ball is produced containing fifty to two hundred seeds, known as true seed. These can be planted for the next year's crop rather than using seed potatoes. Leaves The leaves supply abundant food for the plant's growth, and the generated surplus moves down into the underground tuber for storage. Plantae Tracheobionta Spermatophyta Magnoliophyta Magnoliopsida Asteridae Solanales Solanaceae Solanum S. Tuberosum