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We mix all the ingredients in a trough and knead it until you get a soft dough. We only add water little by little. After we have a proper dough, we cover the dough and leave it to ferment. After the dough is two-folded, we put a greased mold hull that we will knead a few times and cook the bread. We expect to ferment again without covering. We cook well in a preheated 180 degree frying pan after it is puddled. After leaving the stove, we wait 15-20 minutes and remove it from the stove to the service tray. Bon Appetit. RYE BREAD ─░ngredients 1/2 (half) kg rye flour 2 tablespoons oil 1 teaspoon salt 1 packet dry yeast (instant yeast) 1 sweet sponge sugar Warm water BENEFITS Weight control is very useful. It speeds up the passage of our tricks through the bowels. Bile-stones prevent stones from being challenged. Research has found that rye is the most harmless grain for diabetic patients. Bowel cancer and blood circulation system reduce the incidence of illness. Menopause and postmenopausal periods are very useful for cholesterol control. It is recommended for breast cancer patients. In the rye, selenium, magnesium, mangenese, phosphorus minerals are very useful. BEYZA BALKAN