The plants around us. Volum III The plant around us. Volume III. Etwining project - Page 15

Rubus Caesius English - European Dewberry Spanish - Zarza Pajarera Estonian - Põldmari Portuguese - Amora Albanian - Manaferrë Turkish - Böğürtlen Catalan - esbarzer Dewberry is a species of flowering plant in the rose family, related to the blackberry. It is widely distributed across much of Europe and Asia from Ireland and Portugal as far east as Xinjiang Province in western China. It has also become sparingly naturalized in scattered locations in Argentina, Canada, and the United States. Leaves Flowers The petals are white, there are five (5) detached petals. The petals are bell shaped. The inflorescence is a loose clustre of several white flowers. The leaf division is palmate in shape and the leaf is with petiole. The leaf texture is hairy abouve and below. The leaf arrangment on the stem is opposite, but at the ends of the stem there is an extra leaf. The leaf vein pattern is a pinnate vein pattern. The leaf shape base is round. The leaf shape overall is oval with serrated margins and acute points or three-lobed. The leaf edge is serrated margins and the stem type is herbacious. Fruit The fruit is an aggregate of several black, fleshy drupes with a bluish waxy bloom. Authors: Jako Männikust, Jasper Org, Esther Navarro Garcia, Iker Cerezuela Buisan, Ana Beltran Dragó, Byran Almagro, Natalia Civera