The plants around us. Volum III The plant around us. Volume III. Etwining project - Page 12

ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS Leaves: They’re long and they’re simple, lineal, entire, single-veined and alternate. The name of this plant is rosemary. It is an angiosperm. This plant is a bush that lives in the soil, is a terrestrial plant. The rosemary is approximate 1m and 25cm height. This plant is aromatic and it’s creeper. It is a Mediterranean bush. Translation: Spanish: Romero English: Rosemary Portuguese: Aecrim Albanian: Rozmarinë Estonian: Rosmariin Turkish: Biberiye Catalan: Romaní Authors: Laura García, Pablo Alfaro, Stenver Roes, Karl Marten Suurpere, Ainhoa Satorres and Juliana Orús Flowers: They’ve got one lip. This flowers are purple Their corolla is bilabiate and it is of one piece. Geographic distribution: Some of the countries that have this plant are Spain, Portugal, Italy Fruit: This is in the bottom of the calyx, consists of four carpels ovoid, flattened, brown with a patch at the insertion site.