The plant around us. Volume 1 The plant around us. Volume I - Page 8

ALLIUM CEPA English Name:Onion Latin Name:Allium Cepa Turkish Name:So─čan A cultivar of the plant from the Liliaceae family anda are onions.To add flavor to dishes and salads to patricipate green leaves and tubers. Although itis a pungent vegatables vary according to species. Homeland is South Asia.Very it is known and cultivated since ancient times.For the first time in Mesopotamian culture it was made and spread from there to the Mediterranean region. Types of Onion Fresh Onion: Used in all kinds of salads and alone. Red Onion:The bark is purple.Usually eaten raw.Used in salads and pawns. Summer Onion:Shell is white color.Lots of juicy and sweet.Not every meal is used.It is a seasonal onion. Winter Onion:It is not too juicy. Inner shells are tough.Available for all meals. ROOT BODY FLOWER