The plant around us. Volume 1 The plant around us. Volume I - Page 76

Juglans regia English: Walnut Spanish: Nogal Estonian: Kreeka pƤhklipuu It is a deciduous tree that reaches twenty- five meters in height with a trunk that can exceed two meters in diameter. From this trunk, which is short and stolen and white or light gray, leaves thick branches to form a large and rounded cup. Flowers From the female flowers, subglobular fruits are born, from three to six centimeters, green and soft semi-fleshy involuros. and when it dries, it becomes cloudy and stretches . Leaves The leaves of twenty- five to thirty-five centimeters long, with petiole of five to eight centimeters, deciduous, alternating and of strange form, are composed of five to eight leaflets . Fruit The nut is the fruit of the walnut, rounded or ovoid, with a hard and rough reddish-brown rind.