The plant around us. Volume 1 The plant around us. Volume I - Page 73

Properties, Medicinal use H. rhamnoides is widely used in traditional medicine, particularly in Russia and Northeast Asia. The leaves are used as supposed herbal medicine for various disorders. H. rhamnoides fruits have also been used in the traditional Austrian medicine internally as tea, juice, or syrup for treatment of infections. Gastronomic use Fruits are processed in the food industry to different products. Usually, the berries are first washed and then pressed, resulting in press- cake and juice. The fruit press cake can be used to gain oil, natural food colour pigments (yellow/orange) or jam while the juice is further processed and then packaged as final juice Sea buckthorn based preparations have been product. extensively exploited in folklore treatment of slow digestion, stomach malfunctioning, cardiovascular problems, liver injury, tendon and ligament injuries, skin diseases and ulcers. Even in countries where there is no sea buckthorn production, at least a few products can be found. It is usually possible to buy jam or fruit concentrate, fruit juices and some cosmetics, such as hand cream, shampoo or The leaves of the shrub can be air dried, massage oils. In southern France for example, H. eventually ground and used for tea. The drying rhamnoides is commonly sold as fruit juice or as and milling process do not cause considerable an ingredient in non-alcoholic and alcoholic losses of bioactive substances and thus confer a mixed beverages. Typical liquor produced at the healthy composition to the infusion. same latitudes in Italy, Tuscany, is the officinal Tuscan liquor – Spinello.