The plant around us. Volume 1 The plant around us. Volume I - Page 48

Crategus monogyna English: Common hawthorn Spanish: Espino alba Estonian: Üheemakane viirpuu The common hawthorn is a deciduous shrub or small tree 5–14 metres tall, with a dense crown. The bark is dull brown with vertical orange cracks. The younger stems bear sharp thorns, approximately 12.5mm. An ancient specimen, and reputedly the oldest tree of any species in France (3th century). Flowers The hermaphrodite flowers are produced in late spring (May to early June in its native area) in inflorescences of 5-25 together. Each flower is about 10mm diameter, and has five white petals, numerous red stamens, and a single style. The flowers are pollinated by midges, bees and other insects and later in the year bear numerous haws. Leaves Serrated, compound, small. deciduous, green, and Fruit Tender and reddish exterior, with a single seed inside.