The plant around us. Volume 1 The plant around us. Volume I - Page 45

Properties -The leaves are used in basketry or to make brooms and ropes. -The heart or bud of the plants is tender and edible, the same as the floral spathe when it is young. -The fruits serve as food for many mammals: badger, fox, rabbit, etc. -The fibbers that are extracted from the sheets are used in the paper and textle industry or for filling upholsteries. Gastronomic use The Mediterranean dwarf palm tree is cultvated for its ornamental value, but also for its fruits and its heart, which are edible. In North Africa they also eat their roots, as they have a high sugar content. Avocado salad with palm hearts 1. We cut the palm hearts into thin slices. . Then we cut the avocado into small pieces almost as if crushed and added to the hearts of palm. 3. Then we put the lemon, salt, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise and str well untl everything is well mixed. -avocados -1 can of palm hearts - tablespoons mayonnaise -1 tablespoon of ketchup -1/ tablespoon of mustard -1 tablespoon of lemon juice - 1/ teaspoon of salt.