The plant around us. Volume 1 The plant around us. Volume I - Page 38

CAPSÄ°CUM ANNUUM Annual Homeland is spread throughout the world since the 16th century, although South America. It is located between the leading vegetable crops in Turkey. Although often it consumed fresh as pickles, paste made and used as powder obtained by grinding dried spice red. English Name:Pepper Types of Pepper Green Pepper: Those grown in wetlands room for dessert, though often bitter. Fresh seafood is reddish green when long when collecting or dried in the sun. Tomatoes Pepper: Generally similar to the tomato is red and is not painful, but the pain has also been grown by region. It is usually shallow structure. Bell Pepper: Bell pepper is spacious, unlike other varieties. There are also red and yellow as well as green. It is usually done eating sweet and filling inside. Latin Name: Capsicum Annuum Habibat: Humid environments Turkish Name:Biber FLOWER LEAF ROOT