The plant around us. Volume 1 The plant around us. Volume I - Page 24

Atriplex halimus English: Sea orache Perennial shrub, 2 to 3 meters high. Spanish: Orgaza They live in loamy, gypsiferous soils, somewhat sandy with a certain humidity and rich in nitrogen. This plant is often cultivated as forage because tolerating severe conditions of drought, and it can grow up in very alkaline and saline soils Leaves Flowers Monoecious and anemophilic pollination flowers, yellowish-greenish color, little showy, pentamers and grouped in dense clusters with spike shape. It blooms in summer and depending on the latitude it does it in July or at the end of summer in points of Spain. White and alternating Fruit wrinkled, arrangement, ovate-lanceolate, with a rhombus shape, an entire border and undulating. somewhat It has monosperm fruits, of type achene, provided with a white-pink membranous wing.