The plant around us. Volume 1 The plant around us. Volume I - Page 22

Asphodelus albus English: White-asphodel Spanish: Gamón White-asphodel can reach up to 200 cm in height, although this can vary greatly depending on the availability of water. It has a single straight stem, supported on tuberous roots. It’s commonly found in meadows of central Spain, southwest France, and along the southern Alps. Soils with a high lime content are preferred. Flowers The flowers appear between May and August. They are hermaphroditic, with 6 petals, and they get together as they ascend the stem, until they reach the apex that are in clusters. Leaves The leaves are born from the base of the stem; They are long and fluted. Leaves are arranged in a spiral, denticulate or almost smooth margin, the outer ones without a wide membranous margin at the base and green colour. Fruit The fruits are ovoid capsules, located after short peduncles, yellow-greenish that open in three parts when ripe.