The Pit Activity Book April Edition 2014 - Page 19

JANABieger on social media KIRSTY SCOTLAND What's your favorite thing about IGC? Where was your favorite place to compete? “One of my favorite things about IGC would probably be the way we get to interact with the kids and help them reach their goals. We coach and spot the children alongside the [IGC] gym staff. IGC has an amazing atmosphere and its part of why I keep coming back summer after summer.” LAUREN EDINBURGH UNITED KINGDOM What motivates you when you're in the gym? CANADA What was it like having your mom as a coach? “It was great having my mom as a coach. We worked really well together and she is the one person who knows me the best. Since she was a gymnast herself and went to three Olympic Games, she knew exactly what I was going through especially when things weren't going so well.” NEW YORK “My favorite place to compete would have to be either Australia or Hawaii.” What made you want to be a gymnast? KIRSTEN NEW YORK “My parents put me in gymnastics when I was about 3 and I loved it. Since then, gymnastics has been the only sport Iʼve ever wanted to do.” “The goals that I set for myself keep me motivated inside the gym, especially on a rough day.” LIAM DANA WE HAD TONS OF GREAT SUBMISSIONS TO THE @officialIGC “ASK JANA BIEGER” CONTEST & THESE ARE THE WINNING QUESTIONS. MAKE SURE TO CHECK FOR MORE AMAZING CONTESTS ON THE IGC SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES! APRIL' S PHOTO OF THE MONTH JANA BIEGER COACHES A CAMPER DURING SUMMER CAMP AT IGC.