The Pit Activity Book April Edition 2014 - Page 11

& JANA What are some of the best aspects of being a professional gymnast/athlete? How do you overcome mental blocks/fears in the gym? “Professional gymnastics is the next level of gymnastics, it is great to finally be appreciated as a sport outside of the summer Olympics.” “I had to learn to trust myself and trust my coaches. It was not an easy task and there were times where I wanted to find ways to get out of doing whatever it was that I was scared of. I knew that this wasnʼt the solution and forced myself to face my fears and accomplish what I needed to. At times I even bribed myself.“ Why do you feel the Pro Gymnastics Challenge is a great event? “I believe that the Pro Gymnastics Challenge is a great event because it not only lets retired athletes (like myself) be able to perform and compete again, but it also allows the spectators to be able to see a wide variety of top level athletes from all over the world in one place. They even have the opportunity to meet these famous athletes and get autographs as well as pictures.” What are some of the differences between traditional gymnastics and the Pro Gymnastics Challenge? “Traditional gymnastics consists of four events where as the Pro Gymnastics Challenge consists of 6 different events. Another big difference amongst the two is that in traditional gymnastics you must perform a routine on each event. In the Pro Gymnastics Challenge however, you only perform single skills or sequences, but no routines.” What kind of training advice would you give a young gymnast? “There will be bumps in the road during your training but you can always persevere with hard work. And donʼt forget t